3000rpm upward, with BRITFOR?

The Apache only fires under 1000 rounds per minute, but are there plans for the UK armed forces (AAC or RAF) to have something more along the lines of the GAU used by the A-10?

I only ask because I heard something which sounds a lot like an A-10 firing short bursts near here and not even sight or a whisper of A-10s flying in the area.

For context; I'm twenty, not yet serving and in Wltshire. Consequently, I was a bit surprised to hear something I'd only previously witnessed through news reports.


Without busting OPSEC, think AC130, but scaled down for British procurement.



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Were the individual reports distinguishable or was it a loud roar? There are quite a few rotary cannon out there in service and that base does get visitors from NATO allies. If A-10s are there and flying tactical, you wouldn't see them unless they happened to pass directly overhead because they are literally at treetop level and only pop up to attack.
No individual reports in the style of co-axial or small arms fire. It was, essentially, a rumbling/shaking sort of impact noise perhaps half a second or a second long - but without the deeper 'crump' sound of AS90 - followed by short but distinctively resonant moaning hum. A bit like a zip or like ripping fabric in its rate of note-change.
I believe 49 Para are working with them at the moment in the Salisbury area but I obviously can't say more for OPSEC reasons.
ExINASty said:
On the other hand, A-10s have been operating over Salisbury Plain recently (arriving via Minehead :!: ).
Ah, well if that's the case then the sound makes a lot more sense than it did before.