Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dale the snail, Aug 14, 2005.

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  1. Stop f ucking with my posts.

    If you want to kiss me just ask me.
  2. Well done on your land mark Dale.

    1,000,000 monkeys with 1,000,000 typewriters for 1,000,000 years springs to mind.

    "So wise so young, they say do never live long."

    Only another 997,000 for a sonnet then.

    (It appears you were a tad premeture with regard to your 'goal' too). :wink:
  3. and how many of them have actually contributed one iota to this site?
  4. Not subtle enough cc. You may need to strap the statement to a Polaris.
  5. Read your PM.
  6. I did and as usual it was duller than a July morning in Bessbrook.
  7. Leave Dale alone

    Whilst she is spending time on here there's less chance of her polluting the gene pool
  8. Now there is high praise.
  9. As usual Dale, read the rest of the message. It may reveal an 'Easter egg'.
  10. Great to have you back, Flash.

    Your 'Fan Club' were also duller than a July morning in Bessbrook.
  11. No it's not Flash.

    Go and fcuk off back to BB's love pit. No one missed you and DD said that you were a cnut
  12. I cant get into BBs love pit. MDNs Austin Maxi is in my parking slot.

    Who said I went away? The reports of my death were an exageration. I was just a bit 'unwell'.

    Are we taking Dales post way off thread?
  13. Flash - since when have we given a fcuk about that?

    Is 'unwell' a new euphemism for 'troll fighting'?

    Beers are on you, pal! :D
  14. Taking her thread off thread is next best thing to launching her 150 million K to the Sun, which I am currently building a rocket to do

    And I agree with the way that Darth was slagging you off in your absens, you are a cnut and a big girly one at that, but I did think that his dig at our mom was a bit low.

    And yes Dale, i deliberatley spelt absence wrong, as well as deliberately, just to annoy you. I also put this bit all the way down here because I know that you won't bother to look this far.

  15. Every time you reply is a bite lofty.

    The day Aunty bites, is the day I start teaching engine offs on the moon.