300 TDI or TD5

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by commzmeanzbombz, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Morning Fellas,

    Just a quick question, Land Rover Discovery 300 TDI or TD5, which is better?

    Im looking at 2 very well prepared Discovery Off Roaders from Simmonites who have an excellent reputation.

    I know Land Rovers have there faults and you either love em or hate em and the 300 TDI is nice and simple. Obviously the TD5 is newer but does it have more problems?

    Im not going to rush in and buy one as commander finance needs convincing first!

    Your opinions please :D
  2. TD5 everytime
    I have a Discovery TD5 and I've had half a dozen TDi's. The TD5 is a far far superior vehicle, both on and off road.
    Makes usre you get one with ACE, traction control and rear air suspension. Without those you might as well have a TDi
    What year is the TD5? Early ones can have problems, if you know the year I'll go into specifics.
    Are you intending to off road it? I abuse mine quite heavily off road and they are well upto it.
  3. Ive just spoken to them to get the specs for both vehicles and thay have both been sold! Bad website drills!

    They do have some Jap import's available, a T reg and an M reg, not sure of the engine types though.

    Im going to keep an eye out for their website to see what they get in.
  4. If they are Jap imports they will both be TDi's. T plate is generally a TD5 but not much call for re-importing them and its probably a very late registered TDi. Unless they are V8's of course.
    There is a good market for re-imported TDi's as they tend to be entirely rust free but you are paying a premium price that is often artificially high. You'll loses shedload on it pretty quickly.
    A lot of them are TDi auto's too, I would be seriously careful about buying a diesel auto Discovery, your average domestic cat will get to 60mph faster.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Is there a "Be a fucking man and buy a Defender" option?
  6. I've got a 1958 Series One for sale. She does need some work however......
  7. Fixed those coil-springs for you there.
  8. Be damn careful, I just got bitten by a T reg TD5 that had something up with the ACE system, then while on the ramps a specialist pointed out some serious metal mouse action- it went back!

    Now got an X reg TD5, wife loves it, I want to pinch it!!
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Has it got one of them bleeping reversing warning things? I love them. My Defender just came with the Horrible Crunch reversing warning thing.
  10. I recently bought a 109" for giggles. I think I've been spoilt with coils and air suspension, last weekend I went steaming off up a mountain track in Ffestiniog and everybody lost their fillings :D
  11. I once took the missus for a long drive in the bush in my beautiful '82 88", in a country famed for its tarmac deficiency. There was a loud, irritating whine for the entire journey, only repaired by gin and tonic at the destination. Eerily, the whine reappeared in my Lightweight the other week during the cold spell, when we had to do a couple of hundred miles through Scotland.
  12. What do you mean by "work"? and how much are we talking?

    I would love a series 1, I previously had my arrse bitten by a series 3 with a knackered chassis but it had massive wheels and looked cool :oops:
  13. I'd go Tdi for the simplicity - and the mahoosive bill a mate got when he got the computer wet in a TD5.

    ....and I'd go for the Defender option too.... I'm a masochist.

    That said, I'm waiting for the assessors to ring, having rolled my 90 last week. It's pretty certainly a write off - but I walked away with cuts and bruises.

    Hit a patch of ice. So far so good. Hit the potholes under/in the ice ...rear swung out, front wheel goes in the ditch, then into a culvert. Vehicle swings rapidly through 90 degrees and does a 360 roll, side over side, ends up on all four wheels, but basically 4 square across the carriage way. The on-coming van driver says I was actually spinning in the air, which fits, as the only damage on the passenger side is the ditch-induced crumpled wing. I managed to drive it 200 metres to a Forestry lay-by.

    The real bugger is that I only had it rebuilt on a galv chassis last summer. I'm expecting a fight when I tell the assessor what it will cost for a vehicle "of the same age and condition." - despite having sent a copy invoice to the Insurers at the time.

    Edited to add. I am in no way biased towards Landrovers. Our fleet consists of the 90 ( deceased ?), another SORN 90, The wifes Rangie, a Series 1 in bits....and the Golf daily driver :( ..
  14. My old 300 TDi was just bomb proof as far as the engine was concerned (apart from the timing belt misalignment that Land Rover knew about but wouldn't accept any responsibility for despite several thousand having the same fault!). I used to take it off road all the time and she never let me down.

    Are you planning any wading? If so the TDi would be the better choice, LR did put the ECU in a place that is likely to get quite wet in the TD5.

    You say you are looking at prepared ones.....if you want something for out and out ability off road then why not a 90? That was by far and away my favourite Solihull product that I owned.....just not so good for the roads and the long distances that I cover now.