300 million yanks, but not enough to Rule the World

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Just think, 300 million of them and this is the best they could come up with:


    Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  2. Good piece.However don't write us off quite yet.

    If America can outlive this presidency, we will be back on top and all your dark prophecies will come to nought.It will do you all good to support us.

    I mean,think of the alternatives:If America was to suddenly lose it's position as the eminent world power who will take over? China or Russia.Or maybe both.Certainly not Britain and even more certainly not the EU.

    The world needs America.
  3. Devil_dog You need to take a serious lesson in the life around you. America has brought on the last of the worlds problems, Your country stinks, Brits hate you, Whilst you keep trying to Police the World, the world says fcuk off. Go to Thailand and learn what life is about .
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    please stay at home and leave us Buddhits out of it.
    Eh, seriously and ya can tell me I am the soul of descretion, Puying or did you get caught as well.
  6. Admittedly the US currently holds an important position, and if it was to suddenly disappear it would create a dangerous vacuum. However, the US will continue down its current path, which is self destruction and erosion of its own position.

    As such there will be ample time for the space to be filled, and for world stability to be maintained.

    Personally, I see there being a set of powers in alliance to maintain stability. Most likely China, a EU alliance (with Russia having some form of membership/interaction), possibly India, and possibly the remnants of the US. The days of super powers are coming to an end, the unique circumstances that created and then maintained such a situation is no longer apparent and such the position no longer required.

    The only question is will the US step down gracefully, or will it go with a fight.
  7. I have said before the US will disintergrate internally. First to go will be California and after the Mexs have changed that into a proper Spanish style state Texas and the other nsouthern border states will follow.
    I'll be dead and gone by then but it will happen.
  8. Christ every decade there's "the American Empire will collapse" series of books and articles. Most of the assumptions on population make-up are based on data over the last few years, which was different than data fifteen years ago and presumably different than the data fifteen years from now. Don't hold your breath.
  9. I can see your conncered due to your proximity to California but, our generation should be alright.
    Ya grand children however will watch the decline and fall of the empire that never was, by then no one from a comfatably well off family wil be in the forces, just the Merchs much same as Rome.
  10. Lady-boys????
  11. Collapse? No of course, but diminishing of American role in World economics and lowering of political influence are inevitable. Though it is a very slow, almost invisible process.
  12. Yawn, more nonsense for petulant fantasists.

    Boys and Girls the US may very likely go the way of the Roman Empire but only when its lasted as long.
  13. Eveyuk
    Don't want to upset such folk,
    Streangth of a man and a attitude of a female viper.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well it is an inevitable part of progress, the rise and fall of nations... remember the country the United states of America itself has been in existance for less time then the British Empire existed so probably has some time yet to go...

    I personally think the sea change in the world power balance will come about with the end of fossil fuels, so probably not for another 100 years or so and hardly likely to be bothering any of us.....