300 - disappointing - SPOILER

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Alsacien, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Just got 300 on DVD.
    Very disappointing.
    Why the need to over theatricise what is on its own already a dramatic enough event?
    The narrator seemed to have a grasp on the historical importance, but I lost track of the real historical facts in a mish-mash of romanesque political intrigue, monsters and masks.
    Presumably the film is aimed primarily at the US market - is that what punters really want? Or would they prefer films more in the vein of Gladiator and Troy that while not totally accurate, at least do not need to resort to petty theatrics?
  2. I thought it was an excellent film
  3. I found the oiled biceps and thrusting codpieces a bit off-putting.

    However, for a much more amusing fillum, have a gander at

    United 300
  4. The fillm was one of the few comic book conversions that have stayed to how they were drawn and penicled by the artist. In this Frank Miller stayed to it the same way he did with his Sin City series (the next two of which should be on the way soon).

    I thought it was a good film, I wasn't expecting historical accuracy as I'd read the graphic novel (ok it's a comic book), and if you accept it for what it is i think most people would enjoy it
  5. Alsacien are you on Crack?

    It was a brilliant film, and just what you would expect from the same guy who did Sin City.

    Yes, it has a fair amount masks and play acting. The cutting of the helmet plume by axe is awesome!!!!

    And it may be a bit homerotic also.

    But it is still pretty close to history, and tells the story very well.

    Particularly like the put downs. Telling the politicians to sh4g as he marches off, and of course the ultiamte put down for a Spartan to the freak who betrays them.

    I give the film 11/10
  6. Do you think?

  7. mega film

    gayest one since Gladitor but nonetheless what a movie

    see, even in ancient times the elite wore maroon 8) 8) :D

  8. Ahhhhhh... I never realised that 3PARA Mortar Pl was just keeping alive an ancient tradition. Should Thermopilae be added to their battle honours?
  9. Err, caption contest on this one anybody?

  10. Good laugh, couldnt be more propagandaish than if Apache Gunships came over the hiorizon and strafed the eastern horde

    USA US...*edit* up Sparta!
  11. Shut up you cunt. Its not US propaganda at all. Spartans did give the Persians a shoeing.

    I bet you think the Twin Towers were blown up as well, don't you. What do you do when you're not sucking off SLRboy?
  12. So you didn't like 300 but you enjoyed Troy? :scratch: And you think Troy was historically accurate? Have you read the Illiad recently or at all?

    Troy was shite, and the aimless shots of Achilles straining into the mid-distance just made you think of cheesy US soaps, they only lacked him speaking his thoughts during those long pauses.

    Admittedly Bana and Bean were great in their roles but as for being close to The Illiad :x , despite the director's claims, if you read the original text then you will appreciate that 'Troy' was not based on Homer's version of events.

    Although perhaps you meant that Troy was historically accurate as it followed a previously undiscovered history by Hesiod? :wink:
  13. If your interest in this period has been whetted by this film this is a good read

    Persian Fire by Tom Holland

    Personally I've always found the straight historical narrative far more interesting than any fictionalised/fantasy accounts :)

    Found his account of the Battle of Marathon particularly gripping.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    That is not what I meant, of course they are not historically accurate - but they did not feel the need to introduce all the theatrics in the same way as 300 did.
    But it seems my question was answered - this seems to be what the average punter likes......
  15. In its own way, Troy was relatively 'historically accurate': given that it was based on a poem written about events that may or may not have occurred hundreds of years previously...

    The Bradpilles character was ludicrous, but IRC that they imported hundreds of Bulgarians to play the Trojans, reasoning that (being descended from the ancient Thracians) they were the closest living parallels to the Phrygian Trojans... compare that to the anomalously dark-skinned, occasionaly lobster-clawed Persians in 300...

    Also, Troy looked like a Bronze Age, rather than Classical Greek city; the sculpture was (generally) suitably archaic, as was the armour... not too bad, for Hollywood, I thought...