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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by burnleybootboy, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. please can anyone direct me as to where i can receive my well earned 300 club tshirt. Just to give the idea that i have looked around first i have tried unit PTIs no joy, local area QMSI and staff no joy the uk gear website no joy, and the Army Health guys ( the ones that make all the 300 club tshirts ) no joy . I know it may seem to some as being childish but after 18 years service and finally making it in to the club i really would like a tshirt. We are quick enough to charge , put on warning order or agai those that fail but it seems not quick enough to praise those that pass in this elite group. Yes my name is on the Physical training database too .
    any advice or private messages with advice is most welcome however please remember that this is a genuine quest for advice not to be slagged off
    cheers bbb
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  2. Our RSM gives anyone who does it a day off work.

    Luckily we are an RLC unit so doesnt happen on a regular basis!!!
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  3. I can't hear you.

    You want a ******* T shirt for passing a fitness test?

    It's not exactly in the same league as passing P Coy or AACC, therefore I'm correctly assuming you are a harold.
  4. My bold

    Don't blame you for asking for the shirt but that comment made me laugh
  5. oh badger how your wit and obvious intellect shines through !!! yes i want a T shirt you boring fat crusty ( obviously RLC ) PFA failing prick what i didnt want is your advice so run along count blankets or give folk food poisoning or what ever it is you do ;) !!!!
  6. And yes felix i saw it written as that somewhere as i was searching through lol not so much elite more very good ;)
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Nice little number this. What is it, 30 quid a year for being in the 'association'? We have a few who are in it. Yes they are RLC, they are 'older' and if they could have a sew on badge they would be gushing and creaming at the prospect of wearing their new 'wings'.
  8. nice avatar commander but are you sure we are talking about the same thing ? dont know of any annual fees just a t shirt really cheers though
    and yes i would have a big badge sewn oneverything if i could ;)
  9. Burnelybootboy, SO you must be teeth arms going by your tirade at my beloved Corps. I joined as RCT and then found myself in the RLC. I am neither a wardodger nor a fat knacker. After over 20 years in I get fed up with twats having a go at what they consider to be us REMFs. I've done as much as any other squaddie and probably more if they haven't been in as long. If it wasn't for us you'd be throwing stones at Terry and eating roadkill so mind your manners and stop having a go at things you obviously know nothing about. Oh by the way all Teeth Arm Units are soon going to have RLC imbedded in with them and not LAD, won't be so easy to call the Corps REMF's or fat then!!
  10. hahahahah thanks for that blue but i was RLC but left something to do with it being full of fat friggers and REMFs hhahahahahh
  11. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    A_B... do I detect a slight hint of a bite there?

    PS - I think the OP just wanted to know where to get the T Shirts from. At least two others had a pop at the RLC before the OP actually mentioned anything.
  12. oh dear, thats a shame, so you decide to have a go at something you were once part of, even though it is changing rapidly and getting rid of all the old wasters, shows the quality of man that you are!
  13. Get fucked you crap hat loser.
  14. hahahahah crap hat loser lol very good heed!