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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by alfred_the_great, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. [/wah]

    what are the press-up and sit-up requirements for a 30 male to reach the "300 Club" standard?

  2. [/wah] Male 30-34 years, PUs 70, SUs 72 Run 8' 30".[wah]

    Hope this helps. Here, the PTI Corps bloke adjudicates the PFA types going for 300 Club, to ensure correct form and counting.

    I did it for the free t-shirt.
  3. Excuse me being a pedant, but it's 8.15 for under 30s for the full 100 points :)

    And for uber-geek pedantry, your HTML tags are the wrong way round.

    editted to add - oops, didn't spot the 30-34. I'll get back in my box.
  4. 29 or under is 0815 run time. 30 is 0830.
  5. Mong :twisted:
  6. I agree, it's been a long day!
  7. Hi, What is the 300 standards for female 42, and male 45 please?

    Currently 9.43 for mile and a half, with 60 odd sit ups and push ups.

    I'm not back in till next week or else I'd look it up myself

    Thanks in advance

  8. Ah the 300 club, where 299 just isnt enough +0(
  9. didn't know there was such a club. bearing in mind my PBs ARE 67 PU's, 74 SU's and 8:19 1.5 mile,and i'm 19 if i were to reach the said standards during my CIC at ITC would i be eligable for a t shirt? and what is the deal with points when do you get a point score? sorry for being a numbnuts :)
  10. I probably should point out that the HTML tags are correct - otherwise they would be enclosing a 'wah'. They're showing that the statement is exempt from the <wah> tag


    Does getting the '300 club' actually confer anything special other than a sense of achievement?
  11. [​IMG]

    Yep, they were beefers.
  12. There's about 300 fat bastards on remedial PT at my unit - disgusting, unmotivated soldiers who are an embarrassment to the uniform they don't fit into.
  13. The 300 poster in the gym gives me a knob on.
  14. For the male, 09m 15s run, 62 push-ups, 67 sit-ups.