300,000 UK visas wrongly issued

Linda Costelloe-Baker, the independent visa monitor, told the Home Affairs Committee it was "reasonable" to assume 15% of short-term approvals were wrong.

Officials considering visa applications found it much easier to approve visas than reject them, she said because issuing was a "much faster" process than refusal

"I don't think there has been adequate scrutiny of decisions to issue," she said, adding: "I think there is pressure to issue visas because it helps people hit their productivity targets."


Ah of course! How stupid of me to think that the very point of any Visa application process is to produce a limiting effect.
And yet the cnuts refuse a visa to a student coming on a DfID-sponsored scholarship because they don't believe the letter of award is proof of sufficient funds? Nothing surprises me about these twats, frankly.
"reasonable" to assume 15%

i think its reasonable for the Home Office to Pull its Fcuking finger out and start doing its Job PROPERLY.

something this entire government has a problem doing.

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