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30 years old recruitment dilema.

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Hello all, im kev, as the title says, im currently 30years old, ill be 31 in october, so, time is running out, FAST! So, im at the point of no return, im at the point now of now or regret for rest of my days, iv previously been a territorial, was ok, i trained hard, but got little out due to the good old boys in the higher ranks slowing things to a halt, treating it like a drinking club.So after i got a new job, i did not have the time for it, (i cant do anything that i cant put all my time and effort into, ) so as a result left.
This brings me to the present day, im still physicallly fit, even more so than ever before, i have vast life expierience to drawn upon, plus i can work long days and nights with no sleep, so, have any of you guys or gals joined up as a older applicant, is it advisable? plus, how long does the selection process take?, say all going well at selection and adsc to me getting on phase 1, a lot of questions i know, but, i have the yurning to do, so, help guys,
Thanks in advance.

Regards, Kevin.
Well, you can't do much better than getting to the AFCO tomorrow. What someone advises is neither here, nor there, if it's what you want to do. My husband is joining too and he is 29 next week, but he will be nearer 30 by the time he does. I wouldn't take heed of anyones 'opinion' on older recruits - the Army says 32 and that is good enough for me :) Good luck with it all, and just... do it! I am 25, so more than likely will be of the older variety myself.
Yeah thanks for that, gonna have too throw a sickie though, not allowed holidays or time off in august and september, (are busiest time) needs must, im on it, thanks. Hope you hubby does great too, how far into the aplication is he, and what reg is he going?
There's a guy in my troop now in Phase 1 who's 31. He's doing fine! Gets stick from the training team every now and then, but otherwise no other issues from what I can see!
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