30 years of Marriage

[h=5]Just put the wife`s washing away and was surprised what i found hidden at the back of her knicker drawer. A bull whip, a pair of knee length leather boots, a leather bra with studs on and a pair of leather crotchless panties. After 30 years of marriage Ive just found out shes a super hero.[/h]
She wears it when "Back-Breakin' Bob" visits.

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Mrs comes home from work all hot and flustered.
Goes into the lounge where her husband is watching tv. She stands in front of the tv gyratin sexily and says take my boots of for me, so her husband takes them of for her. she then says take my tights of for me, so he does, then she says take my skirt off for me, which he does. Then she says take of my blouse for me, which he does, then she says take of my bra and pants for me which he does.
Then she says, " if I ever catch you wearing my clothes again I will divorce you".

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