Discussion in 'REME' started by gunfighter, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. This day thirty years ago A young fresh faced youth full of ideals and bursting with enthusiasm arrived at Wokingham train station.... and learned the first lesson of military life ........ hurry up & wait !!

    And 30 years later .... it hasn't changed !!!

    Ohhh GAWD I FEEL OLD :cry:
  2. I hope we quickly knocked that out of you!

    As for the fresh-faced bit, a few late nights and lots of beer will have had you looking old before your time!

  3. AAGF


    'kin kids! :)

    Andy (64b)

    PS Congratulations mate(s)!
  4. I told my son in law that this was not for him and thankfully the dyslexic Master Chef who is on his last 6 months here has had to agree. The beans are ready!!!
  5. 78C and feeling positively young in such ancient company ;) I have only one photo from my whole time at the AAC and even that was taken on BMC... I'm glad others had the presence of mind to own a camera back then and it's great to visit the sites in ece69's link for a nostalgia-check every now and again :thumleft:
  6. Ah.... Just the one 10:10 in A Coy for me :) First one in the intake to get promoted... and the first to get demoted two weeks later for falling asleep on guard duty.

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  7. Today is the Annivesary of my arrival at the hallowed gates of the AAC. 73C, after jeepland I went into A Coy & proceeded to spend my remaining 5 terms as an AT resident in A5.

    Scarred me for life, made me grow up into an almost responsible adult.

  8. 69c myself, but what picture to bring back memories !
  9. 69c myself, but what picture to bring back memories !
  10. Oh how many memories does that pic bring back ? I lived in the second block on the right (A2 ?) during my time at AAC , Spent many a nervous time on that Verandah waiting for the immortal .........ROPs...ROP's :rage: 'SHUUN !!!
  11. Here are more pictures. I don't remember where on the internet I found most of them but I hope I'm not infringing any copyright! If I am let me know and I'll delete them.
  12. From the air

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  13. Square

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  14. Square again

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