30 year difference in life span

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    better to go quickly with a heart attack than slowly with dementia. unless of course you get to be Father Jack!
  2. The whole report is bonk.

    Thats a one old baby :)

    Crap. Peoples own lifestyle choices are killing them. No one in the UK can be ignorant of the facts on eating/booze/fags etc. If they are then they must have willingly skived off school.

    Taking their figures means that the average male will be dead by 51 if they are born in Calton? So no OAPs there then?
  3. I've been through Calton. The word 'Good' springs immediately to mind.

    I may just punch the air with joy later.
  4. I dislike the way this shiz is politicised. Blaming society is wrong, blaming individuals would be better.

    I will die younger than I should because I smoke and drink. That is not the fault of society, it is because of my choices. I cherish being able to make those choices and resent the Nazis wanting to take them away for "my benefit".

    But no matter what I choose I will die sometime. The thing is, what makes life worth living? I would say freedom. Including the freedom to make "bad" choices.
  5. With the proviso that you get to make the choices yourself, yes. But what if you don't get to choose whether to live in shitty accommodation where the roof leaks, there's mould on the walls and the toilet regularly overflows? Unless you can save up enough to have the repairs done or to move out you're stuck there, dependant on someone else to fix the problem.

    There's too many people in these places that just go limp and expect, expect, expect "'coz ah'm entitult". That doesn't change the fact that their choices are far more limited than yours or mine. They're dealt a bad hand and then play it badly.
  6. If they don't want to live in sh*tty accomodation, where the roof leaks, where there's mould on the wall etc...then they shouldn't have joined the army!
  7. Badoom tish - Hes here all week folks - try the fish. :)
  8. Trouble is that the "solution" of this Gobmint is usually to throw yet more of our money at them. So that will be OK then.
  9. There's a massive building/refurbishment programme going on in Glasgow at the moment, not just of public housing but grant-aided redevelopment of private housing. The theory is that it's cheaper to put up nice houses than treat people on the NHS or try to deal with social problems caused-allegedly-by bad housing. Sounds good, hope it works. Shame I'm about to lose my home as I can't afford the, compulsory, upgrade and working six days a week means I've no hope of a nice housing association gaf. :(
  10. The BBC reported a massive study a couple of months ago showing that social class made no difference to longevity, it is the smoking and drinking that some classes do. Now you can argue that circumstances produce the smoking etc, but it is interesting that if you walk about, don't smoke and eat your veggies the additional fact that you are working class doesn't make a blind bit of difference.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Its worse than that. According to some Doc on the Today programme, these reports exacerbate the problem.

    "They say we're all going to die younger than anyone else in the UK? Giz a can, a wobbly egg and a fish supper"

    Someone tells you that you are going to snuff it early, its hardly an incentive for good diet, sensible drinking and plenty of excercise.

    Self fulfilling prophesy.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, unless this report was produced before 1997, it would suggest that 'The Party of the People' or 'The Party that Represents the underclass, impoverished and the workers' has done a magnificent job over the last 11 years.

    Hooray for socialism.
  13. Hooray!!

  14. So what? No surprises...

    Mind set/ attitude & innate intelligence are 75% of the game: some people, given a million quid, will still be bankrupt 5 years later.

    Many of the new "social housing" developments currently under construction will be slum zones 10-20 years from now.

    Education/ skills = the great escape: every child/ young person in Britain today has access to perfectly well resourced/ staffed schooling if they want it - many choose not to avail themselves of the opportunity, and some dedicate their time at school to turning said schools into educational slum zones.

    Not ignoring the very real problems inherent in being born in poverty, but also know many (my father & uncle included - children of the Great Depression who grew up in a 2up:2 down, no bath/ indoor bog/ electricity etc) who took every opportunity available to "better themselves" & did okay.

    Social immobility in Britain today is largely the result of "welfarism" & a general culture which undermine personal responsibility, mock hard graft/ deferred gratification, and appease/ reward fecklessness and sociopathy. It's evident at every level in society, particularly among certain elements of the privileged "elites", so little wonder many of the "underclass" behave as they do.