30 things you might not have know about Gordon Brown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Most of them quite boring, trivial or do not relate to him directly, but some do add to his already world class Cnut-Factor:

    "When Brown met Obama in Downing Street before Obama was elected president, Brown's sons were brought in to extend the length of the meeting because Brown wanted to keep Obama in No 10 for as long as possible."

    "Brown considered sending Christmas cards to the families of servicemen and women killed in Afghanistan. But the idea was dropped, partly because there were fears that the government did not have up-to-date addresses for them all."

    "When Brown first tried to resign on the Tuesday afternoon after the general election, Buckingham Palace told him that the Queen would not accept his resignation because no one was ready to form a new government. Brown said that he would be willing to stay on, but only at the express request of the Queen. Subsequently the Queen said she would accept his resignation."

    Thirty new facts about Gordon Brown from Anthony Seldon's book | Andrew Sparrow | Politics | guardian.co.uk

    (and yes I am bored and have another 3 hours on this shift)
  2. They didn't tell him 'See you next Tuesday' then?
  3. Quote
    Nick Macpherson, the permanent secretary to the Treasury, despaired of Brown's refusal to accept the need for a tougher stance on reducing the deficit. "He just doesn't get it," Macpherson often told colleagues.

    Just about sums it up.
  4. The only fact I want to know about this disaffected, psychotic, inept oaf is:

    How did he become 'Prime Minister?
  5. Or..."why is the useless twunt still stealing oxygen?"
  6. Was thinking there would be a revelation that he did actually have charisma!
  7. Becuase he is seen less than Lord Lucan and therefore cant be stabbed in the face easily