30 SQN Challenge Coin

For the info of any ex 30 Sqn Sappers, we have been commissioned to produce a limited run of Challenge Coins for members of the Sqn who served between 1970-80

It is a very specific design by one of the members but there will be coins available on pre order now at a reduced price.

Don't forget, our resident artist can produce any unit design you want, should you want a coin making. These can be supplied in bulk at discounted prices or we can host for you and cover the outlay, making the coins normal prices

To read the small writing, visit the website and click 'View Details' on teh specific coin, this will open the design in a new larger window.

Buy them HERE

MM & Gundulph
It looks like there aren't many former Dirty 30 Sqn members from that period in time around on ARRSE then MM?! I must admit, it is a very 'busy' coin!
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