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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Shearer-9, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. With the Army Recruitment age limit now at 33, does anyone know any people around this age who has joined up? how did they get on in training?

    Im 33, applied online to join the Army, waiting for reply. What are my chance`s of being accepted??
  2. I'm 35 going on 12. I 'expressed an interest' a while back, waited for some time, and then found my local and national TA units sending me stuff like there was no tomorrow. Having spoken to a few bods on the recruiting side there was a delay while they got the 'One Army' aggressive camping brochure finished which may be the reason why there is a delay.

    Best of luck.
  3. With the age limit being increased I would say your chances are excellent provided you can meet the physical requirements and don't have a criminal record of the type that would cause you to be rejected....
  4. Thanks for the reply..i wont give up trying until i get a firm NO! :D
  5. well, i'm 17 and built like a shit brick house and have applied for the army. Only problem is that i have to lose 12 KG!!!!!!! for those who dont understand, thats between 1.5 - 2 Stone! Anyone had to lose more than that or got any tips? and no, i aint leaving the pies alone.
  6. Marry my ex!!! you`ll lose more than 2 stone in stress!! :D
  7. Fairy muff! I plan to keep trying until I get a firm 'Feck off you useless basteward'!
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    You may feel slightly ancient when the younger people start playing the popular beat combos of the day (and possibly turn into your Dad with "Call that music?" comments).

    I joined the TA in my early thirties.
  9. I had to complete the medical for lobbing out of reasonably working aeroplanes some years ago (APA Netheravon) and apparently I was overweight (before the days of BMI, they just worked off a chart). I asked the question 'what should I cut off?' and I went through. I believe that they can disregard the BMI score if you're a fit bugger with no lard on your carcass but it's dealt with on a case by case jobbie.
  10. lol, ive had those thoughts too, i dont mind being nicknamed Grandad!! but i`ll teach those young ones a few things about fitness :D
  11. When I joined there was a female a couple of squads ahead who was 29 (the rest of us being 18-20 ish) and her fitness put most of us younger ones to shame.
  12. Who have you tried C_S?

    Do you mind what Corps / Regt you go in?
  13. Well i joined the TA at 36, didn't have to wait long for recruit selection and start training next week at Grantham. As for age, don't let it worry you. I beat the pants off the nippers in the physical. On the weekend i was on there were people ranging from 19 to 40 years and everyone got on. The only thing thats doing my head in right now is the fact that i didnt do it years ago.
  14. Local unit = Yeomanry

    Edited to say Darbs you've kept my hopes up - I had the nasty feeling that I'd be in with a bunch of superfit 18 year olds and would be thrown in a skip!

    National = RLC ATO tickles my fancy.

    I'm a bit fecked at the mo as all plans have been delayed as every time I try to start the phys off I bust something - Left foot is the size of an elephants ballbag at the moment!
  15. You could give 80 Sig Sqn in Runcorn a try I know some of the PSI's there...they actually are still affiliated to the Cheshire Yeomanry and wear their Stable belt (well the have they right to). I'll PM you the phone number.