30 Sigs???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TAB_ON, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Anyone have anything to say about what the place is like at the moment, potentially could be going there in the next 6 mnths

    could be as an is eng
  2. Don't you know your CEQ? :roll:
  3. It's cloudy but mild today but in 6 months should be warmer.
    I loved the place when I was there, the locals are great and it is undoubtably the best town in the world, but then I was born there and I was last there in 1997. So you may want to ask somebody else. :p
  4. 30 Sigs as always will be busy and getting ready for the next deployment to a sandy place, Z type accm is all but complete as for save as you starve I don't know. Nuneaton is boring but there are a few decent pubs, Coventry is not too bad if you like Albanians. Brum not too far and a cracking night on the lash, and there is also Leicester which is not too bad.
  5. PAYD is incoming very soon.

    See 30 Sigs ArmyNET page for details. Click Here
  6. 30 sigs are due back soon from opp. Not long moved from there it has its good and bad points like every where, oh said job was boring, but good on lash. z type good MQ's poor.
  7. its what you make of it that counts. in 93 it was a bit dire as it was x-JL accomadation which had not been touched since the 60's.

    in the twon
    the crazy horse was a sad dark establishment (not sure if its still there) but other than that the camp was located in the middle of the country which was good for most folk who wanted to get away for the weekend.
  8. Bit of a generalisation there.

    Granted, some look a little bit poor outside (But nothing like College Road at Blandford :eek: ), the one I had on Artillery Road was the best MQ I've ever had!
  9. Crazy Horse has long gone, :( Many a good night spent in there.It is now a chinese restaurant I think.(never been in).
    When I was younger Nuneaton was a great town on the lash, but went out a couple years ago on a friday night and the place was dead. Not what it was.
    Obvioulsy when I joined up and left the ladies decided it wasn't worth going out anymore.

    I really enjoyed 30 sigs as a posting 94-97. If your single and like travelling then there were always oportunities to go away, I suppose nowdays those places are hot and sandy.
  10. Get to Rugby for skanky women and a good kicking - the Civscum there are particularly neanderthal...
  11. GT2001. it's probably 89 sig sqn (V)