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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by nald, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Which are the best quarters at 30 sigs? posted there this year, just filling out my preferences, anybody help?
  2. Cecil Leonard Knox Crescent houses are big enough (large living room, smallish dining room, very big master bedroom, smallish back bedroom), small gardens though and if mine's anything to go by then some of them have not been well looked after by DHE (routines tasks like flushing the central heating haven't been done on my house for at least a decade according to the plumber who had to replace every radiator in the house).

    The new houses at the bottom of camp (can't remember the road names now, but I'll get them later for you) are nice but very small compared to CLK. Some of them are slightly bigger and have garages, but I think they may be for SNCOs only?

    A few people have ended up living off due to a quarter shortage now that Gurkhas can have their wives over. They're in new houses which are apparently very nice but the location's a pain in the arse, especially if you can't drive/if your wife needs the car for work herself.
  3. cheers jimmy, perfect answer, as a SNCO i'd be grateful if you could get me that road name for those quarters. I would ideally be looking for a 3 bedroom house. If you could PM me with the top 3 choices in your opinion, that would be great.
  4. Dyers Road and Artillery Crescent are the "new" houses - both very good, lovely three bedroom houses with mahussive garages, patio doors, small but decent gardens, good bedrooms and a combined living room / dining room big living space thingy. I was in Dyers Road and it was the best quarter I've ever had. My driveway was big enough for two cars easily. The kitchen was a wee bit wee, but can't complain at all. They are not reserved for seniors though. My neighbours ranged from LCpl to WO1.
  5. There's also Alderney Close for the new houses. I was thinking about Arty Cres, which I think is mostly SNCOs although it could just be a coincidence. I know Dyers and Alderney are mixed Juniors and Grown Ups.
  6. Well thats it settled, Dyers, Alderney and Arty are my choices, cheers guys.
  7. Alma Court quarters are good too. Min 3 bedroom. Decent ish garden, parking is an issue depending on where the house is though and you don't get your own garage like Dyers/Artillery. I had one there, and one on Rhyl Road before which was crap. Alma house was best one I've had apart from Op Puma'd one in Germany I had.

    Be carefull when putting Artillery Road down as I'm sure the Rhyl Road style quarters are on Artillery Road too.
  8. Depends where in Rhyl you get if you get one of the end ones they are massive as I had 28 I think and it was two knocked into one.
  9. If you put in for Artillery make sure you ask for even numbers the odds are shoe boxes and not new build. Id put Dyers,Alderney and Artillery evens as a choice.

  10. Alderney Close are good quarters, 3rd bedroom is a bit small, but the lounge and dinning room are a good size for UK. They are probably the best for rear garden privacy, smallis gardens and patio area but big enough for a 13ft trampoline and 8ft swimming pool.
  11. Oh yeah, just remembered that nice Artillery Road quarters (even numbers) are overlooked by the singlies accommodation.
  12. Get the latter ones in the street, as they have the garage in the middle, still secluded gardens though.

    The ones that are 1 to 6 (8?) you hear everything that is going on next door, as the walls are paper thin.

    Good storage, connected garage too. Kitchen tiny.
  13. Well the form went in yesterday, 1st -Dyers, 2nd- Alderny, 3rd-Artillery.

    Although after speaking to Ian at Telford his answer was 'we don't have any available quarters at bramcote or the surrounding area'! It seems from further conversation that preferences don't mean a thing, and they don't take any notice of them.

    Anyway cheers for you help guys.
  14. Seen a few empty houses around, I suppose their occupants could all be dwarfs who just don't like furniture though?

    I'm busy tonight but when I get a chance I'll have a wander through the quarters and let you know the results.
  15. There's definitely free quarters on camp. Couple of lads just got posted and their old houses are still empty.