30 Signals Regt LAD

Discussion in 'REME' started by zoomeheed, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Anyone been posted to this lot, Im off there in May any good bad points.Apparently the OC is LE and the ASM is ok but hes off soon anyone know of the new one. Whats the Sgts mess life like, quarters and the Regiment as a whole?
  2. Sorry mateno idea, but there seems to be a load of Sgt's on the move at the mo, fingers crossed ill be one as well.
  3. Are you saying that your there at the mo could you give us any pointers at all?
  4. I can't tell you what the regt is like now because I left there in 2002 but it's an old RAF base and all the quarters are on camp which means you can't leave it all behind at COP each day and it's a ball-ache when people are coming to visit or if you've anything being delivered to your house.

    The camp is about 3 miles to the nearest decent shop (but this may have changed - the naafi shop in camp was being refurbished as i left) and about 5 miles into Nuneaton town centre. So during the week when you want something simple like a pint of milk at 9pm - Bramcote is in the middle of nowhere. But - Coventry, Hinckley, Birmingham and Leicester are all within half an hours drive so at weekends Bramcote becomes the centre of the universe. (Dunno if that description makes sense to you just now but you'll find out what I mean in good time)

    Despite the bad points I did enjoy my time there - hope you do too mate :thumleft:
  5. it's ARRSE. Hated the place with a vengance. Left There in 2005, The guys in the LAD were great, but it's the Signals that drag you down. Get ready for parades just for the sake of it. You come under Support Sqn, so you do as they say, not the LAD. I concur with Alpha-Mec about the Quarters and Location, but you might be lucky and get a private hiring. The place is desolate at the weekends, apart from ghurkas. To have visitors or a delivery, you've got to book them in 100years in advance and have gods signature, to allow entry, good old MGS. Good points are, I can't think of any, oh yes there is a golf club(sort of) outside camp.
  6. I hated it there mate! Good luck with that. Being posted there was the reason i left the army after nearly 11 years of service. It is so badly organised that you end up getting so stressed, It lacks communication big time and there is nothing to do on that camp. I hate it
  7. Gamecock Bks, Bramcote, Nr Nuneaton.... Brings back memories of when it was JLRRA and I was a plank doing basic... Memories, I would like to visit for purely nostalgic reasons, but a posting? I think not
  8. Hopefully I won't go there.
  9. Bramcote. Not sure about 30 Sigs but heard about it while I was at 35 Sigs TA in Coventry.
    The Scalies didnt rate it much and at 35 we used to get one of 30's old SSM's as our next RSM. That spoke volumes!
    As for the area....superb. 30 is next to the A5 and M69. Coventry is a top night out and worth the few minutes drive down the road.
    Nuneaton which is closer is a hole and a holding town for the cast of Deliverance.
  10. Ref the new ASM, I have worked with the man and if you don't try to bluff or attempt to con him you will find no fairer a boss. However, should you try, Watch and Bleed. Enjoy the posting and the way of life. You know where the next "Hub" is !!
  11. I know the new ASM as well, a very astute big fella with whom I wouldn't like to get into a fight. I just left 30 Sigs v. recently and I enjoyed it. The point about dancing to Support Squadron's tune is right, but c'est la vie. The LAD has lots of good guys and I found the quarters to be a mixed bag. Some new houses - which are great, with loads of garage (i.e. storage) space and double driveways, some old houses with pants design. The comment about the camp being dead at weekends is right though. Very very safe if you're a pad with kids and there are good places nearby (Drayton Manor, Alton Towers, Warwick Castle, Coventry, Leicester, National Space Centre and loads more). For singlies it can be a bit desolate. Singlie accommodation is good. Sgts Mess accommodation and scran is excellent