30 Sig Regt Cambrian Patrol Team 06

Congats to the 30 Sig Regt Cambrian Patrol Team to have completed and received a BRONZE medal. :D :D :D :D :D :D maybe next year your get a silver or gold, if your not in Afgan or Iraq!!!

Bloodly Well done to all those in that team and to all the otherts that took part in the Exercise.

To the Cheshires(JACKED in the first 24 hours) and the Black Watch(nice certificate, no medals ) better luck next year, who says the Signals can't do their job and others. :wink:
Well Done indeed.

Did the Cambrian in 98 with 14 Sig Regt and got a bronze as well. Particularly pleasing after a RM team went up before us to get their certificate! It is a fine competition but requires an awesome amount of preparation and supreme effort to complete.

Good Effort Lads

Nice one boys,

I did it with 3 Div in 97 and we came away with a bronze medal. I recall a few of the Inf teams sacking it in the first 24 hours!!

A testament to show that the Sigs can compete with the best of them.

Well Done!!
Nice one lads

Good effort all round :D :D :D

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