30 months inside for beating a burglar. OUTRAGE!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Disney, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. No need to wake up the duty driver.
    The guy went too far.It's a fair cop.
  2. Feck that, if someone were to try a home invasion and taking hostage my family, they can expect anything thats coming to them.

    Sadly this country's judiciary would evidently rather have seen these 2 men of fine character do nothing as the crims did whatever they wanted - and these 2 had no way of knowing what that was. Are we to be emasculated by the law?
  3. It was/is breaking the law...and has to be, but I do wish it wasn't. Cnut with 50 previous walks free..how come he wasn't in fcuking prison and not able to do this.
  4. On the other hand if the buggers threatened to kill my family I think I might have been appalled at what I had done once the red mist cleared.

    If the beating was in cold blood then maybe the judge has a point, but he fails to mention that the law is not very good at protecting the victim. 50 offences and he walks free after tying up a family and threatening death?
    15 months is tearing the arse out of it, a symbolic sentence would send a better message.
    One of the comments said that in the US a burglar would get a bullet in the head not a cricket bat.
    perhaps he should feel lucky.
  5. Surely being beaten up is an occupational hazard for a burglar? Don't like it? Don't break into houses.
  6. Cnut got what he deserved, ok so he shouldn't have stoved his head in with the bat maybe, but if these feckers want to take the risk then they shouldn't whinge when it goes wrong.
  7. His wife and family were involved, He does not know what the perps had planned.
    If he had killed them Tough on them.
    Were they invited in?
    The unfortunate thing is the perp survived with brain damage so I guess the taxpayers will be paying for him as it was an "injury at work". You know, it happened while he was going about his chosen profession of burglary.
    WTF is happening to this country, Just when I feel we have hit rock bottom, some twat keeps digging.
  8. need to open up a can of " law abiding citizen " ;)
  9. There's a saying here that says "If you are found here after dark, you will be found here in the morning", and if you are in my house uninvited and posing a threat, you will most likely gain some weight due to the addition of lead to your diet.

    That being said, if you manage to get out of my house without being leaded, I can no longer attempt to lead you. I guess I could chase you down and hold you for the law, but my right to injure you ends when your ability to injure me ends, or at my door.

    If I chase you down and then shoot you, or bash your head in, I'd expect to go to jail as well. Wouldn't be happy about it, but shouldn't be surprised.
  10. No outrage bus ticket for me.

    The burglar broke the law, but on the other hand, the other guy chased after him and beat him up with a cricket bat so much he caused him brain damage. I can see how people think the retaliation was justified, but this behaviour can't be condoned in a civilised society.

    Although I also think the guy should have been given a suspended sentence, rather than actual jail time.
  11. When you're dealing with scum, there's no such place as "too far". :roll:

    He could have tortured all four men to death, raped their women and burned down their houses with their fat, ugly, inbred, retarded children locked inside and I STILL would'nt have jailed him.

    Worth remembering that the original meaning of the word Outlaw was double-edged; not only were your actions outside the Law, you were also outside the Law's protection and could be hunted down and killed without mercy. Hence the other name for an Outlaw was "Wolf's Head". :twisted:

    I sincerely hope the senile old fart of a judge wakes up one dark night to find four scumbags with bad intentions in his house. We'll see just how much defence his precious Law grants him then. :twisted:
  12. to my soft civvie sensibilities, I consider that anyone who attacks someone else, like this burglar did, they have willingly given up their right to personal safety. granted there must be some limit, but the homeowner didn't kill the guy, so a suspended sentence would have sufficed.
  13. Great movie! :D
  14. Have'nt you heard that Liebour needs these type of criminals kept out of jail as their all potential voters come what may?

    After all, all the doo gooders are happy to accept that intruders are "A misunderstood element of Society" and we must treat them with kid gloves to rehabilate them, even though they are allowed to break in & destroy people's lives without fear of proper justice, scum of the highest order,

    Welcome to Liebours Country of justice,.