30 million GBP to dispose of MLRS Bomblets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. '£30m' to destroy cluster devices

    By Angus Crawford, BBC News

    The Ministry of Defence is storing more than 28 million explosives from cluster bombs, the BBC has learned.

    They have been withdrawn from service and are to be destroyed. Some were only mothballed this year after the UK signed a treaty banning the weapons.

    It is thought disposing of them will cost more than £30m. The UK government says it shows how concerned it is about the weapons.

    But campaigners want countries like the US to ban them as well.

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  2. Some work for k13eod I think.
  3. waste of money, i would have just used them all in Afghan. that would have killed two stones with one bird
  4. The israelis found a good way to dispose of them : fire them into the Lebanon on the closing hours of the 2006 conflict...
  5. Well if the US ain't going to ban them, why not just flog them to them!
  6. This really gets on my tits! Yes cluster bombs sometimes don’t explode, and sometimes they get picked up and some poor soul loses and arm. You know what? THAT’S THE POINT! It’s called the long term cost of messing with us!
  7. Too much like common sense.
  8. BTW, France is in a similar position with over 22,000 M26 rockets to destroy and a ban on using them...PC madness at its best.
  9. Or the Iraqi Western Desert?

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  10. Tain ranges.
  11. Anyone want to join me in a bid to dispose of this stuff for, say, £20m?
  12. I'm in.What will you be doing on November the 5th?
  13. I'm free. You got a van handy?

    Oh, right. Let's do it.
  14. £30m??????? This is utterly ridiculous. Just do what we normally do, drop it into the sea, preferably a very deep bit. The same bit we have been dropping out of date ammo into from LSLs for years.
  15. Garvey Island? Not sure it is the right sort of impact area for CBUs.

    Now the fleet of civil service gas guzzlers tearing down the autobahn from Bham to London bomblet.