30 Fd Sqn RE


Rumor has it that "Dirty Thirty" is being reformed this year, anyone got a firm date on the parade and who do I speak to about turning up?


At the begining of the year it is supposed to be 1st march  depending if saddam wants another sqn to kick him in wait out.......................................


Cheers Lee,

You there already?



It was indeed but got disbanded in March '92 under "Options for Change"  

It's funny though, the whole Garrison area closed soon after although we should have seen it coming, why else would they spend millions of pounds on a new NAAFI and BMH if they were going to close it shortly afterwards?

Nothing like forward planning is there?


Just reading Jan's Sapper Mag and EIC report says 30 will form up by Dec 03

Also see that 12 (Nova Scotia) and 10 Fd are / have reformed
Just for info :

10 Fd Sqn (Air Sp) has formed up at RAF Leeming and may be still accepting new incommers.

12 (Nova Scotia) Sp Sqn reforming as we speak as part of 23 Engr Regt.  Will be based in Waterbeach for a couple of years until they sort out the farce with Woodbridge and finally move all the paras to the arse end of Suffolk ;D ;D

52 Fd Sqn (Air Sp) due to be formed up at some point (2005 at the last look) but this might get dropped.

Good point about the BMH at Iserlohn.  I was in Dog Sqn when we moved out of Nienburg leaving our comfortable barracks with new servicing bay (£2.5 million) and Sqn bars etc and ended up in shoehorned into Quebec Barracks in Osnabruck: No Bars, no space for kit and accomodation that would rival Belsen.

Options for Change - what a wonderful idea that was!!!!


Any ex dirty 30 remember the Rocket Bar or Chickorias under the ice rink.

They were serious liver damage places, made me the man I am today!

Anyone else remember passing out in a taxi and being delivered for one of Eric's specials?
Don't forget Gabys and the Gallerie Bar. Best posting I have had!


Take cover everyone, it's official, Dirty Thirty have risen from the ashes!

The flag raising ceremony was today at 26 Engr Regt, Ludgershall.

Best of luck to the Sqn.
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