30 Days in New Zealand - Ideas Please

I am currently on a 9 month holiday in AFG so have decided to spend a month in New Zealand in Feb/Mar 2012.

Any suggestions on things to do/avoid, would be greatly accepted.

Main interests: outdoor travel (kayak trips, diving, walking, mountain biking etc) and drinking.

Mark The Convict

Avoid the effects of earthquakes by spending the month outside 24/7. Don't even go inside to use the toilet. People will think you're Australian, which brings a host of other problems.
Ah the joy of useful ideas, I really should have known better, but then again maybe someone can suggest some pubs etc, if they are not all high on meths etc.


Find their equivalent of a Legion club, and stay there. You'll get all the benefit of being immersed in their culture without having to do that 'travel' stuff.

Mark The Convict

Remembered something else.

I went there on a package coach tour in 1982, so can't provide much of use to you (it wasn't very outdoorsy) but one highlight was being flown to the foot of the Fox Glacier in a heli. The crew reckoned that they hunted deer during the season by standing on the skids of the heli (it was a Bell Jet Ranger type) chasing the deer down, and leaping onto their backs. The deers' backs, that is (or that's how it came across, anyway)

They certainly flew like that; nap-of-the earth @ about 8 ft altitude, apparently for the fun of making Australians chunder (unsuccessfully in our case) Not sure if that's still done, but it beat shit out of any amusement park ride.

Then we flew up onto Fox Glacier in a ski plane, great fun. I'd go again tomorrow.

Edit; for outdoorsy stuff, Queenstown is the place to be, it's either there, or accessible from there. You could do worse than base yourself there, and foray out to wherever.

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