30 days and out !!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by knkevinuk, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. Ok, so rumour control is going crazy in our gaff at the moment reference signing off, getting a job offer then being out within 30 days ??? Is this true ?? I understand the army wants numbers reduced so are they sacking off the 12 months notice malarky provided your willing to sacrifice resettlement and leave etc. Please advise as I want to go down this route if I can !!!!
  2. I'd stay in a bit longer if you can. It ain't exactly rosy out here at the moment !! Unless you plan to go straight abroad.

  3. As he said lad. Things are picking up in most areas but its still pretty shite out here in civvy street. I'd be staying in as long as possible at the present time. If you've got a job offer to go straight into then fair enough. If not, stick out no matter how shite things are. Believe me its more shite out here.
  4. You have to remember, you apply for a job 1st Jan, closing date might be 15th Jan, Interviews - 25th Jan, Tell you 29th Jan, then they expect that the person will have to give a months notice and might have planned it so that it times with another member of staff leaving e.g. end of Feb. So that's 2 months, unless you need a CRB, then add another 2 months.
    I know that a lot fo jobs can appear in Feb, because of the new budgets (Or this year lack of) in April. I would say listen to the two posts above and look for jobs in Feb, it'll give you idea of how many out there you could get. Remember there;'s a lot of people with the exact qualifications out there for roles, so if you only have 80% of the qual's for the role, might not be yours. Stay in mate, give it another couple of years when things are on the up again.
  5. Ditto all above posts, unless you have somewhere firm to land don't jump!
  6. I probably should have mentioned that i had an interview on monday just gone, i find out tomorrow if ive got it, the salary is £3400 per month after tax, i would say thats pretty rosey !!!! I already have my own place back in manchester where my other half and baby live, I dont really see enough of them and im a firm believer in the fact that its down to the individual to become successful and not the circumstances that surround, ie recession cutbacks etc. I just wanted to clarify that if im offered the position on friday that i could be out within a month as ive been hearing through the rumour mill.
  7. knkevinuk,

    Firstly, I have been out since 2009 and I was not an AGC Shiny Arrse, so anything I say is subject to confirmation by those in the know.

    It is possible to terminate your service early (approx 3 months) if you are approaching your 22 year point. This is subject to your CO, MCM Div and Director Manning (Army) agreeing to release you. One of the requirements would be a firm job offer (probably in the form of you being offered a contract to sign) and you would need to show that the job offer cannot be deferred.

    As to you signing off (giving a years notice) and then having that notice reduced to one month is unlikely but not physically impossible
    (Admin discharges can take as little as a week). You will need to have a sympathetic CO (who is happy to have no replacement for you - possibly until your original posting date), an MCM Desk Officer who is willing to move someone else into your post early (if possible) and Director Manning (Army) happy for all this to go ahead.

    Your best bet is to talk to your immediate boss and request an interview with your RAOWO (through your CoC) to discuss whether this is possible.

    Good luck

  8. I signed off in October 2007, so was due out 12 months later, I can't remember where I heard it from, but also heard the same rumour about being able to get out early provided there was some sort of proof that leaving early would be beneficial to you.

    I started applying for jobs and was offered one in June 2008, I explained to the guy that I was due out of the army in October but I may be able to get out early but I would need a letter proving that he was offering me a position. I took the letter that he supplied to my CoC and ever so slightly bent the truth, told them that the offer only stood if I could start on the date specified, which was a date some 4 weeks in the future. I gave the OC a copy of the letter, she supported my application for early release and wrote her own letter stating such to the RCMO who then forwarded my application to Glasgow, I assume. About a week later I got a letter from HQ land saying that my service was to be terminated on the date that I had asked for, I dekitted, cleared the regiment and was out of the gate 6 days before I started my civvy job. So it was possible to be out early in 2008, I would imagine that it is even easier now, however, Civvy street aint all it is cracked up to be, I re-joined in March 2009.
  9. Did you get the job? I only ask as I live in Cheshire and if there's a £60+k job going spare in Manchester I'm interested!
  10. I have a second interview on Wednesday because ive been short-listed too the last two applicants. After making further enquiries with my CoC, they have basically said that they will release according to the date on the letter !!!! Providing its not unreasonable ie: 24 hours, but anything from 10 days onwards is a go !!! Thanks for your posts guys, wish me luck, i'm aiming for full screw to civvie within the next 2 weeks !!!!!!!
  11. Brace yourself for culture shock. Try not to talk about your service too much. Good luck.
  12. Okay, There is an early release scheme in effect, You sign off as normal for the 12 month period, you can then request early release. to get this you are to provide proof of accommodation, work, and financial security before you can be accepted. If all the boxes are ticked your RCMO can have you out in under 2 months. And yes I work in that field and we have done the procedure for quite a few individuals.

    But you must ensure that you are prepared for civi strasse, You won't be given ressettlement and you have waived your rights to extention of quarters etc. I am sure you have to move yourself as well although not 100%