30% cut to Royal Engineers proposed for Army2020!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by xenophon2012, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Oooooh no, who will fill Hesco now?
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  2. KBR
  3. Thats the NAAFI beer profits taking a nose dive then.
  4. Perhaps we can second ANA and Iraqi Engineers, seeing as how we have made their countries better places to live :)
  5. Lot be fair there is worse than NAAFI beer ^~
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Don't believe everything you read.

    102,000 to 82,000: do the maths, but wait and see.

  7. Well 38 are already earmarked for the axe, 62 Sqn went as did 45 so we've done a bit of preemptive striking. I would say that 28's future isn't too rosey though, the amph capability will go purely to the TA. Will 39 remain at five squadrons; unlikely. Given that the Corps used to send all sorts of Sqns down to the FI to do air support is there really a requirement for an air support regiment? Not really convinced myself; more like 12 group HQ trying to justify their existence. Keep the ASST and re-role the regiment into something more relevent instead of being the Corps reserve for manpower and being lumbered with every shit job possible because 12 Gp, like Barclaycard, love to say yes.
  8. Why's that then?
  9. You could always drop EOD and search.

    It's not like you're any good at it anyway ;-)
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  10. Too lazy to look but what happened to all the posts from a year or so ago that said the RE was going to take over the RLC IED work? Seem to remember the ASA was going to be RE and all RLC operators would transfer just leaving the ATO with their "bullet counting" job. What a shitter when it goes the other way.
  11. Because being TA they are laughing. We get bummed whilst they have a shit load of money poured in. A mate of mine was whinging about only 7 guys turning up for parade this week, one of whom was in training. And this is the 25% of Future Force, don't make me ******* laugh.

    I had also heard that high threat was coming over to the Royal Engineers.
  12. Are we ****. Where do you think our PSIs come from who give us the most up to date training. We exist to support you, the regs.