.30 cal brownings at shorncliff

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by thecoops, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. First off I've probably spell Shorncliff wrong. I remember being in the acf down at Folkestone in the late 80's and going on ex for the night with the junior leaders ( poor sods ) .It was an ambush and I'm sure they had one maybe two .30 cals am I right did you have them ?
  2. Doubt it. I was at Shorncliffe in 1971/72 when it was JIB. The standard range of infantry weapons were taught there including the GPMG. The .30 Browning was only used by armoured types in those days. I was trained up on the .30 in 1974 prior to my second tour across the water at Crossmaglen, South Armagh. Four of us were sent up to Yorkshire to one of the tank regiment units, I can't recall which one now, for a weeks course on the .30 because we would have to man those mounted in the Saracens if they were ever used. By the time we actually got to XMG, three of the lads were posted elswhere leaving just me able to use the .30 Browning. Maybe things had changed by the time you did your thing as a cadet with them but I would be surprised.
  3. My TA unit were using them into the late 80s, mounted on Ferrets, with a tripod, just like Action Man. So it might have been TA rather than JLR.
  4. The Gurkhas used them for 'enemy weapons' when I did PCBC on SPTA (early 90's). We captured a jammed one in Imber, but couldn't get the damned thing to work no matter how hard we kicked it.
  5. Ah the Browning M1919 L1A1/L1A2, MMG the best weapon ever made to take your eye out with a recoil spring
  6. Certainly never spotted one there in 77/78 with IJLB. Having been force fed Commando comics by my Dad since I was 2, I would have spotted it straight away, with my steely gaze as practised from the comics.
  7. We had them in the OTC on our Ferrets; cloth belts an all! Fine if you got them properly tuned.
  9. Did you have a well versed AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE?
  10. Indeed. The rugged jaw was more of a problem but I could shout "Damn you Jerry" and Take that you Hun Swine!" with the best of them. Tried to round up a bunch of pals called Chalky, Malky, Dodger, Nipper, Kipper and Chas but couldn't manage the full set.
  12. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was IJLB. It was a night ambush and one of the female cadets went down ( fannarr fannarr ) and it was called off. What I could of seen was a GPMG in sf role with the butt taken off. It was dark. Always felt sorry for the junior bleeders they always looked ragged. But where always up for a fight down the rotunda.
  13. Could have done with you for the 2RGJ tour of Co Tyrone in '79.....when a biff from I (Support) Coy had an ND with one.

    Swift and Bold mate
  14. The RUC had them in a ferret type turret on top of the Shorland (a sort of armoured landrover rebuilt by Short Bros). They were painted grey and all ended up as range targets in Magilligan, or somewhere.
  15. They appeared in infantry platoons in the early Nineties to give them more firepower. Ones I saw used by the Duke of Wellies had a white plastic belt which held the round at both ends.