30 - 35 litre daysack wanted - pref OG

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr_Mitty, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. All,

    I've been tasked by my brother to get hold of a 30 - 35 litre daysack for him (ok; I owe him a 25th birthday present...). He's looking for something robust enough to cope with being thrown around by crab air movers, preferably with rocket packs - or at least compatible - and in OG as he'd like to use it at work and in civvy life. I've had a shufty around the existing threads, but most seem to be focused on bergan-size kit, which is too big for what he wants. Any help would be appreciated; he's back around end-May, and has threatened violence if he's presentless :roll:

    Cheers in advance,

  2. Ok, this is more of a don't buy... The Arktis Daysack while very good, and it has zips just not the correct size to take PLCE items, so don't do it :)
  3. Try the SNUGPACK daysacks. I've used the small one 30Ltrs on 2 tours and countless ex's.
    It also has a built in dpm cover.
  4. I'd go for an issue patrol pack (with zips rather than fixed side pouches) in DPM for work and a separate civvy daysac for civvy use.

    Compromise could be a black one and use a DPM cover when needed.

    johnbullclothing should be able to sort you out with both.
  5. the arktis one fits side pouches fine T34UK!

  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Did you find that when it's rather nippy the Arktis one's zips don't work as well as they ought to? In Norway one side pouch actually fell off! Hilarious accident, from the top of a mountain, with me not being able to x-country ski very well, in a blizzard, carrying my injured mate etc etc etc
  7. Great I stand corrected, they didn't when I worked for them! So in that case go for the Arktis one in OG, can be used as a civvie day sack and a military one as well. Also has an extendable lid, and as such can take a lot more equiment for your money!
  8. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ah, better off not using that extendable lid - i found it made the whole pack contort and become uncomfortable if you tightened the straps down enough that whatever it's trying to pin down from flying awayyyyy...
  9. Vanguard patrol pack. 40 litres, takes the PLCE side pouches if needed. Available in OG, black and DPM. Excellent UK build quality all to MoD spec. NOT a dodgy wannabe copy. £75.00 and worth the money. I use one myself. Go to http:www.ukkitmonster.com and look at bergens and daysacks. I'll declare my interest now; it's my website.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My wife is still using the OG Berghaus Munro daysack I bought myself in 1986. Amazingly robust, with a number of op tours under its belt, it is now in semi-retirement carrying the lovely Mrs cpunk's work clothes as she cycles into the City every day. I've offered to buy her a new one but she refuses.
  11. I'd second that - Outstanding piece of kit! Mine's only lasted 10 years so far. It does scream military though.
  12. Softie rocket pack ok huge and has dpm cover and a sandy one as well.Had it for 2years and haven't managed to break it yet .Though some of the loads Ive had in it nearly broke me .
  13. To be honest, I've got a new Artkis Day sack and have had no zip problems... but I don't go out in the snow much!

    Other alternatives include the Snugpak range, the Karrimore Sabre range, the Lowe Alpine Strike 40 (bigger than you wanted, but a damn fine rucksack), and teh Berghaus Munro - and outstanding and very robust bit of kit - but isn't as feature rich as some of the above! If you can find one, you could also get an OG S2000/NI pack - although OG ones are pretty rare on the Surplus market still.
  14. All,

    Thanks for the advice and the various links. I've gone for a Snugpak 35L jobbie, which the boy seems quite happy with. I'd also like to vouch for www.campshop.co.uk being very helpful and prompt in their delivery. Although I did smile when asked to "Wait One" on the phone :D


  15. I've got a Vanguard made Wyvern'30. It is excellent!!!!! What makes it so nifty is that it attaches to the issue bergen like a plce day-sack.
    Check it out here; www.sasskit.co.uk