3 Years For resettlement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by calla7025, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. :idea: As people leave the army after 22 years they find themselves in a quandary as to what to turn to next!!! They don’t want to get out into a dead end job and graft for the rest of their lives!
    At present they get two years to prepare but with most degree course lasting 3 isn’t it about time the army realized that it needs to give soldiers a chance to educate themselves to degree level before leaving the army, giving the a chance to get on in civi street????? And not sweeping the streets!
  2. Degree courses take 3 years if you are a full time student - part time study like Open University will take 6 yrs. If you are serving 22 years then you should start preparing at the 16yr point if you want a degree. That's what your education grant is for and now we have enhanced learning credits too. You can claim them for up to ten years after leaving the army if you register now. So exactly how much more do you want the army to do for you? If people can't be bothered thinking about civvy street sooner (and we're all going to be civvies again one day - there's only one alternative) and spend 20yrs pissing it up against a wall - tough. the system is in place but although you can lead a horse to water...
  3. Agreed but there is one flaw (if you'll forgive the pun) and that is education. Education of the troops as to what is available and at what point. When I went, I only really found out what I had actually been entitled to in the previous nine years during the last 3 months of my time. I would have thought that this had changed by now but listening to guys that have come out after doing between 15 and 22, this does not always appear to be the case.

    Hopefully mediums like this will begin to change that, but I still think that it is important for unit commanders to inform the common sowdewy of what they should or could be doing to prepare for civvy street long before Civvy Street looms on the horizon.

    At the end of the day, no matter how committed and professional the soldier, 99 % of us are going to be out on our ears and back in the big bad world after 22 years max.

    In the best case scenario and you joined at 18, then 40 years of age is not a good time to be trying to retrain.

    I know there’s an element of "looking out for yourself" and in an ideal world a clear-headed guy would be sitting down and thinking of these things many years before he left. However, and I can only talk from personal experience and that that has been recounted to me by others, the "end" always seems a very, very long way off.

    I think that as well as educating the troops prior to leaving, we should also be educating them about the education that they are entitled to.