3 year old British girl kidnapped in Nigeria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Khyros, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Targeting children is a new tactic apparently. I hope she is released unharmed (as most hostages in the area are).
    Sounds like there will be plenty of work out there soon...
  2. Khyros, I reckon the Russians are helping train them.

    Paranoia is all the rage now.

    I hope the girl is recovered safe and well, and the scum that would bring such innocence into violence like this are dealt with in a very nasty manner.
  3. Hope the Girls is found safe.
    ALson hope this thread isn't moved to the NAAFI :wink:
  4. Pity she wont get the media attention of Madeline McCann.
  5. The abduction of children is a common occurance in many countries. The parents are usually rich and the child often unhurt as long as the ransom is paid. This could be a way for them to make money to start a violent attack on the government.
  6. Hope they get the kid back unharmed.
  7. My sentiment exactly.
  8. I am in Nigeria at the moment and although the main threat in the region is domestic crime (Armed robbery, burglary etc) the threat for the Delta states, which includes Port Harcourt is the kidnapping of expats working for the oil companies out here.
    The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger delta (MEND) have launched Operation Tsunami stating"To all foriegn oil companies,leave our land or die in it."
    They then go on to state that the oil is being stolen from them to make foriegners and corrupt officials very rich, while the vast majority of Nigerians live in abject poverty.
    I can see their point as the cost of living here is very high. Services such as water and electricity are what you would expect of a third world country
    However, the Foriegn Office website advise against all travel to Nigeria and specifically The Niger Delta.
  9. According to the FCO interview on Sky if the ransom is paid (expected to be around 100,000 quid) the girl will be released. I hope that is the case and that she is not molested.
  10. Hoping shes released soon too. Cant imagine what her parents are going through.
  11. Have to wonder why any sane person would bring their family there...
  12. I am in the Delta as I write this and as I've been out working this is the first I've read about this report

    Monkey 104 is correct about what is happening here. (MEND) is a group of disaffected local youth and communities, most with military training and a legitimate chip on their shoulders. They are also backed by disaffected politicians and academics. Yes they are a real threat. There isn't and I don't think there ever has been an outside power involved in this. The aim of MEND is to make the likes of Shell withdraw and ethical Oil companies replace them! ( Do such companies exist?) Whether you agree or disagree that they have a legitimate grievance against the oil companies, the true target is the government and it's continual leaching of oil revenue which the local insurgents are convinced have been robbed from them for years.

    The money involved is outrageous. Example: Shell has reduced crude production from 1.5 million barrels per day to 400,000 bbls /day. due to attacks on flow stations,rigs and pipelines.

    Unfortunately numerous gangs of crooks and chancers have tagged on
    to the fight and their only raison d'taire is kidnap, kill and create mayhem to feather their pockets. Guns are freely available and killings go on from all sides.

    Just don't get the idea that we or the septics can intervene. Occupy a country of 150 million? Not a chance!
  13. Khyros has a good point here and seeing you two lads are out there at the moment :
    1. Have you got your partners and kids with you?
    2. If so isnt it better to move family back home as to me no ammount of money is worth the risk of having your child or spouse at risk of kidnap.

    Not having a go here, just inquisitive.
  14. No need whatsoever for any sort of 'takeover' or occupation; the spams should have learned something -something, for pete's sake, from the last few years, and even if the State Department has more than a few doughbags in it, it has some very capable people. And in global terms the Nigerian situation isn't as serious as it could look from afar. A few expats living uncomfortably for a month or two until their companies cough up the dosh isn't a civil war.

    The new focus on Africa by the US is in response to the determined push by the Chinese to secure as much in the way of energy and minerals as it can under a 10? 20? 50?-year plan. The US and EU would do very well to get into gear and engage very closely with the Nigerian Government, with a strong Defense partnership (or whatever they choose to call it). That could take care of much of the stupidity going on in the Delta, as well as (or rather, as a part of) guidance in Governance. And it might take care of the bloody Chinese, too.