3 year deferal

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by caged_steel, May 12, 2012.

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  1. i have been defered for 3 years due to eczema i was in the army before and daor but i had eczema then so im just wanting to know whats changed?
  2. You've been deferred this time.

    Not sure if you've noticed but we're laying off 20,000 (at least) soldiers. We can afford to be a little choosy with our recruits these days.
  3. What the hell is daor?

    So you used to be in, why did you leave?
  4. I'd never heard of it before either. Apparently it's 'Discharged As Of Right'. The few weeks when you start basic that you can leave without the Army arguing about it.

    So he couldn't hack basic last time, he doesn't reach the minimum medical standards and we're not desperate for recruits. I really can't understand why the Army's not all that interested.
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  5. Without wanting to sound unduly harsh:

    The fact the Army is looking to shed 20,000 soldiers in the next few years?

    Why should the the Army take you over someone with no medical conditions?

    Why should the Army take you when you've already been in before then left?

    Food for thought, nein?
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  6. ''dicharge as of right'' and i was young and naive didnt know what i wanted to do and sort of got talked out of it but iv regreted it ever since so i started the process again but now iv obv got to wait.
  7. A deferral of 3 years, a polite way of saying piss off!
  8. The Army has given you a 3 year deferral (never darken our doorstep again) because you are a horrible scabby cunt who flaked (see what I did there) the first time round, so why the fuck should they bother with the time and effort and expense of trying to get you through basic again just for you to turn round and cry for your mummy AGAIN?

    Even if the Army wasn't at the choosiest time it very probably ever has been when it comes to recruiting IMHO you have no right to ask again after you threw it back in the Army's face last time. Oh and don't give me your pathetic excuses of being young and naive last time there are many 16 year olds that join the Army and hack it you my friend are just not the right stuff.... Don't worry though, I believe McDonalds are hiring!
  9. Oh dear, fancy some scabs with your Big Mac!

    Stop giving him ideas.
  10. Must admit I do like a bit of added texture on my Big Mac....
  11. To much information, however there are enough wankers on this site to accommodate you! :)