3 x Saab Viggens over North Germany today?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by LIMA, May 16, 2013.

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  1. A formation of 3 of what I think were Saab Viggens flew over my house just North of Minden, Germany around 13:20 today. Flying quite slow and low and made a tremendous amount of noise. Heading N to S.
    Did anyone else lurking around N Germany spot them.?
    As I said- I think that they were Swedish Viggens - didn`t know they still flew them!
  2. Last Viggen was retired 2007 or so I'm aware. Maybe some sort of Air Display going on or something or maybe some sort of flight training groups aircraft? The 2007 aircraft were ones kept on for EW training according to a Swedish uni of mine from way back.
  3. Typhoons?
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  4. Retired. Possibly Gripen?
  5. So much less wonderful than a flight of Viggens somehow. :(
  6. Or it's the Fast air equivalent of Black Helicopters and they are coming for you. Run, hide, disconnect your Internet and hope they think you are out.
  7. 617 Squadron out doing a memorial flypast? :)
  8. In Tornados. :)
  9. Chinese J-10's

    Best start buying tinned goods.
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  10. Did they look like this .... ?