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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lambchop, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a fitness test for the (Irish) Army in 3 weeks time. I have been training since January and I can complete what's required for the basic entry fitness test (1.5 miles in 11.30 minutes plus sit-ups, press-ups etc.)

    I went to the local track yesterday and did the 1.5 miles in dead on 10 mins. Nothing too spectacular but it's decent for me considering when I started in January I couldn't run the length of myself and hadn't been exercising for years (student lifestyle!)

    What I want to know is, what kind of training should I adopt for the next 3 weeks to get that time down as much as possible?

    Recently I have been doing some runs of about 5+ miles near my house and also, doing time in the gym on the treadmill doing interval training.

    Also, how many days should I train? I was thinking 6 days (with varying intensity) and then a rest day?

    Any advice is appreciated.

  2. Ok heres an idea i found that quickend timings, when on the 5 mile run, every four hundred meters, have a sprint for 100m, it doesnt matter what time you do the other 400 in , but 100m pure sprinting is enroled it will start to bring your times even further down
  3. thanks for the replies

    The interval training is sort of what I was doing so far.

    On the treadmill I was doing warm up/700m/jog/900m/jog/1100m/jog/1100m/jog/900m/jog/700m/cool down where the distances indicated were at 14.5km an hour and a 1% incline and the recovery jogs wer 2 or 3 minutes (depending on how wrecked I felt!)

    I'm trying to get away from the treadmill now for the next 3 weeks and do all outdoor running as the test is run outdoors and a treadmill seems to be easier to run on.

    Yesterday I did a few warm up laps then I ran the 1.5 miles. After that I was doing laps (400m) with a few sprints on each one.

    I'm to get a good balance between not overdoing it and hurting myself and getting my time down.
  4. Good idea, you definately want to get away from the treadmill and run on solid ground to make the most of the time you have left..
  5. Is it a bad idea to run every day or should I do some hard running one day then a jog of a few miles the next day?
  6. A Hard training session on one day , even though you will warm down will still ache the next, so it is a good idea to alternate the training as G3ops has stated.

    If you have a hard running seesion one day, Dont go for another hard running session the next day, just a gentle jog, then work on other muscle groups, so you move away from over working the muscles you pushed hard the previous day. This means they will be sufficently rested for going for a another hard session the following day. This way you will get a all round proper work out and shouldnt put too much pressure on your muscles.

    Road running is different to running on a track, or even on a tread mill.
    You really need to go road running, and pound some tarmac.
    One word of advice, if you feel a twinge, dont think I will push through this and keep going as this is when injuries will occur, just take your time and you will be fine
  7. on Monday I did a good hard session of running followed by some press ups, sit ups and weights

    on Tuesday I did a 3 mile easy paced run/jog

    Today I'm going to do the same as Monday, then tomorrow I'll do the same as Tuesday then maybe a longer hard paced run on Friday with an easy run on Saturday then rest on Sunday.

    Thanks for the advice lads
  8. I did my run in 9:18 and have done my medical and final interview. I'll know if I'm in in August.

    Any suggestions on preparing for the type of PT I'd do in the army if I get in?
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Well done on the run.

    The best thing to do is vary your PT routine. Run three times a week, but try swimming/gym-ing/playing sport/cycling/hill walking or whatever on the other days. Also, talk to a gym instructor about doing some core stability exercises which will strengthen and help protect your back. Try to maintain/improve your fitness without getting bored or stuck in a rut.
  10. Congrats on your run, Cpunk has given some sound advice there.
  11. cheers. Is 9:18 a decent time?
  12. 9:18 is a reasonable time, you will find when you do your basic it will go down further, but i would be happy with that, a pass is a pass at the end of the day, just dont now sit back and forget about training, keep it up and youll be fine
  13. I was happy with it considering that before Christmas I was 1.5 stone heavier and pretty out of shape. I would have done much worse if it was done then.

    One thing I did find out - you can go far faster when running with other people and running when it counts. The fastest I did it when I timed myself a week or so before the test was about 9.50 - 10.00.

    I had a bit of a break but I'm getting stuck back in starting this evening after work, I'll vary it liek cpunk says.
  14. For anyone who cares, I passed my medical and final interview and got an offer for officer training yesterday. Still hasn't sunk in!

    Any advice now for good training to do prior to starting in October? I'm guessing the physical training in the Irish army is similar to in thr BA
  15. Well done.