3 week soldier prep course before basic...

alright guys.

well me and alot of lads i have spoke to are off to catterick on the 1st of july for basic, but at the begining we all have to do a soldier prep course, until the 27th (which is the acctually start day for basic in july)

i was just woundering if anyone can shed any light on to what this is, and the stuff that happens during this course. do we get issued all our kit then and stuff?

any info would be great.

thankyou for your time.
Not 100% sure but I think it involves a fair old bit of PT. I think it's designed to help you build up your physical ability so when you start your Basic Training proper you don't end up injuring yourself because your body isn't used to the damn good thrashing it's going to get.
I'm off to the same thing and I think its basically extra PT, as Bangalore said, to get our nuts prepped for a good shoeing. Hope it dosen't burn us out too much before we start the real stuff!

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