3-week fitness build-up course

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Boxingmad, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. I was listening on BBC Radio 5 Live that the army are now running 3 week fitness courses for very unfit recruits. When did this start?
  2. I could probably use something like this hahah, would like to find out more!
  3. twas in 'soldier' magazine a couple of months ago...
  4. I have the ultimate diet, it is a little radical, but then again so am I.

    Eat less food, drink less beer, move more.


  5. You're a madman. someone get this skinny, sober and energetic person a pint and a pastie before they do themselves a mischief.

    But seriously, a 3 week course to get soldiers fit? why not just make the entrance fitness tests a bit tougher?
  6. Why not just programme in more PT?

    Is it just me?
  7. I'm doing one of those 3 week thingy's P company beat up!
  8. Lawl! I heard of it but my dumb college instructors said they extended Basic training, they need to be shot they clearly don't know about Public Services any more than me :p Apparently they're raising the minimum age to 18 too according to the same 2, when the course starts i'm gonna tell em straight lol. How can you NOT meet the run time lol.. meh.. its to lower basic standards I think and give fatties 3 weeks to make fit
  9. I think its a good idea. If the standards are the same then it simply gives people more of a chance to pass selection via better training no? If they werelowering the entry requirments then that would be pretty shocking.