3 (Volunteer) Military Intelligence Battalion

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Darth_Signallus, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. hi there,

    Can someone give the low down on 3 (Volunteer) Military Intelligence Battalion, specifically 23 (V) MI Company - Field Security in Belfast?

    Im interested in transferring from my existing unit, to try and do something a bit different and more challenging.

    Also just a few quick questions on the Int Corps TA:

    1. What does the trade training involve, is it the usual Class 3 = Two Week Course, Class 2 = In Unit and Class 1 = Two Week course, and what is taught on the courses?

    2. What does a normal training weekend consist off?

    3. What are the opportunities like for mobilisation?

  2. Probably better to pop around to them on a drill night and ask them direct.
  3. Applied to transfer to 29 coy in Birmingham myself, sent off relevant paperwork about four months ago and was told that i would hear from them in time to do the next selection weekend. have i heard anything? no!
  4. Have you contacted 29 Coy since to enquire why they have not been in touch?
  5. 3 MI central admin can only be described as totally bonk - well, after more than a decade of it I can think of a lot more words but you don't want to read a spittle covered pile of invective. So ring them up and chase it. If you're getting nowhere with the office staff try the PSI.
  6. Yes! just the once admitedly, they didnt really seem to be able to give any insight as to why there had been no follow up, although i know they did actually receive said paperwork as requests for references were sent out to referees.

    Doesn't exactly inspire confidence for any potential recruits or transferees though does it! Ive got to admit it has put me off a bit would i just be moving from one admin vortex of a unit to another!
  7. No change, then. As a young Gravelbelly, on the path of a commission, the MI Coy OC came a-recruiting at the OTC. I duly arranged an interview several weeks hence. Having been warned by Gravelbelly Snr exactly who in that TAC to be seriously terrified of, I turned up at the appointed time. To be told "sorry, OC can't see you, he's busy with the CO" given a ten-minute social chat with the 2ic, and abandoned in the (empty) bar. No tour, no recruiting chat, nada. No follow-up, either. Never saw that OC again.

    After that, it went downhill :) the MI Coy's Trg Capt had been on the same recruits' course as Gravelbelly Snr, and would stay at my parents when in town. Had a chat with him on his next visit, and his advice was for a TA YO was "go infantry". Vote of confidence, or what.

    By contrast, I was working in the same firm as the local TA Inf Coy's OC and 2ic - they find out I've got a DAB date (the old name for TCB) and before I know it, their (Regular) CO has written a nice letter to me, whisked me off to an interview over lunch at the Regimental club in town, and left me with no illusions about the standard he demanded of YOs. (Was nice to see him at a Colours ball fifteen years later, to say hello and thankyou).

    Anyway, about six months after the abortive interview, PSAO phones GB Snr, and asks "whatever happened to young Gravelbelly?". To which the response was "Errr.... shouldn't you be asking him that?". By then, of course, I had run away to the Infantry :roll:
  8. are 3 mi genuinely that bad on the organisation side???

    i'll give it another try, anyone here from 29 coy or 3mi???? apart from o_o_t_s
  9. It is worth it once you get in, honest. You do need to develop a proactive approach to admin though. Mind you, that helps when you get mobilised into the real Army as they usually forget about the Corps attachments.
  10. 29 Coy are a good bunch stick at it. The onus is very much down to you. Whether this is right and proper is debatable
  11. Sir Sidney is right about 29 Coy being a good unit (and he should know, he's eaten his fair share of 29 Coy rations over the years). Speak to the PSAO at Bimingham on 0121 444 2730. He's fairly new to the unit and his admin is on the ball. There are 3 assessments a year with the next one being in January. Follow it up now and you're likely to be on that one.
  12. Good point well presented Jackpork.

    Also let us not forget that 29 Coy covers the North West as well as the West Midlands from its Pippin Fort style TAC in Chorley just off J8 of the M61.

    Chorley Det 29 Coy is always looking for new recruits and is easily accessible by Motorway from Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Central/North Lancashire.

    Call the PSAO in Brum for details.

    I thank you.
  13. I heard a whisper that the Green Slime were going to open up a det in Cardiff. Any duty rumour?
  14. 29 Coy used to havea det in Cardiff - 293 but it was taken off us I believe it still exists but is now a det of 26 Coy based in Bristol (Keynsham)
  15. Watch this space