3 (Volunteer) Military Intelligence Battalion HQ

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by two_of_seven, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Is there anyone from the above unit who could help with a few (non-opsec) questions?
  2. Contact details for the Bn are below, you can ask me what you like but bear in mind that I'm old and grumpy so "what's it like being a LCpl" will be met by "In my day ... smell of 58 pattern webbing ... SMG .." and so on.

    3 MI
  3. Leave him alone, he's probably the new RSM!
  4. Nope, they're all Regs and usually younger than me.
  5. For usually please read always considerably.
  6. What do you know? I can't see anything in this message that suggests a non-reg or older than OOTS. Surely being younger than OOTS is a prerequisite for an arrse ID?
  7. This from someone who can legitimately refer to me as "young man" ....
  8. That smarts. We did have computers in my day you know, proper ones, mail order from Sinclair, then the green screen Apple ][, PDP 11 and 8 inch floppy disks - ooh, then let's not forget VAX/VMS and FORTRAN (actually, let'd forget FORTRAN), then those new fangled PCs, never thought they'd catch on, I loved my Amiga, the thrill of a real live Pentium (100 MHz !) ....
  9. yep, i still remember paying 1800 quid for a brand new Pentium 100 in 1996 :(
  10. I don't usually like praising the "techy types" but when one considers what we were using computers for in the 80s (think NI) I cannot believe now it was possible with the processing power available! I can remember too being blown away by the arrival of a 286 with Windows in Sy Coy South in '93. Golf, Lemmings, Prince of Persia, you name it......

    Or maybe it just goes to show how much RAM Windows pisses away running programs in the background?

    Standing by for "techy type" to turn pedant for a change!
  11. i remember my BBC Model B Micro (circa 1983) had a whopping 32k of memory. my current PC has 4GB, which is 125,000 times as much.

    i also remember my 8MB RAM upgrade in 1996 costing me 80 quid. the 4GB of Kingston RAM i just bought cost 50 quid. so bang for your buck, thats a factor of about 800x difference. :oops:
  12. msr

    msr LE

    So what's it like now? "Smell of wee... no sharp edges..." ;)

  13. It also seems to show that you can spot a bargain from a mile off! :lol: :lol:

    Budget Holders take note - CR is a shoe in as a procurement professional

  14. Well, I was never allowed near sharp edges when I was young, but now we can add moaning at the sprogs (read: anyone under 40) that they couldn't recognise the T-62 on the news; realising your metal mug entered service in 1988 or thereabouts; finally chucking the flask of similar vintage; realising that people actually listen to what I say so trying to remember not to talk too much cack and always having a spare lesson in ones back pocket.

    Oh and for nostalgists: when norgies were bought from a camping shop and came with button cuffs; 3 Shock Army; wondering whether the SMG sear would break when on the range; buying your own bergen; trops and smocks in the field; lightweights and a woolly pully with a bootlace in the neck in the office ... things are so much better now !
  15. Except for the bit about 3 Shock, and the fact that I never had an SMG, how is everything you just mentioned worse than now?