3 views on suicide bombers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. Here are 3 views on suicide bombers/bombings :

    Cherie Blair the wife of the gutless PM.
    "As long as young people feel they have no hope but to blow themselves up, you are never going to make progress"

    Jack Straw the Foreign Secretary one of the PM's lickspittles.
    "When young people (suicide bombers)go to their deaths, we can all feel a degree of compassion for those youngsters"

    Jenny Tonge Lib Dems.
    "The suicide bomber is truely born out of desperation. If I had to live in that situation - I might just consider becoming one myself."

    So there we have 3 people who have compassion for muslim bombers lets hope they also have, real as opposed to sound bite , compassion for the victims of these murderers.
  2. 8O
    I can try to understand the wicked witch's statement and the last statement, much as I disagree...but Jack Straw's statement is as moronic as..woah, words fail me!

  3. Let's also hope that people ask questions like: why are people driven to do this? It isn't always as Blair might have us believe, some sort of crazed religious ideology. Reasons can be political also. Many of these people (not all) have had members of their family wiped out by atrocious acts committed for the spurious reason of 'defense'.
  4. Armourer you old dawg!

    The above statements all referer to bombings by Palestinian, the situation of these bombers is VASTLY different. You are trying to twist it to fit! tut tut

    Are you suggesting these people would stand up today and apply these beliefs to the bombers within the UK?

  5. frenchperson, if you want to make excuses for murderers/terrorists and find what they do acceptable thats up to you, it makes you at best a passive supporter of terrorsts & terrorism.
  6. Armourer! That's cheating. :p That's an entirely different situation and if it's indeed what Beebs is saying, then I do see where they're all coming from.
  7. I would expect 99.9% of people to know when those views were stated.

    I did not say that they were referring to the atrocitites that happened in London, I'm pointing out their attitudes to murderers/terrorists in general.

    I doubt that any of the 3 would dare repeat those views now but it doesn't mean they don't still hold those views.
  8. Until we know the group and it's motivations have been proven I agree with this, HOWEVER, common sense would suggest these where the acts of a religious organisation based group acting in the name of their religion.

    Can you explain what political oppressive measure we experience in the UK that would lead a non religious group to act in this manner?

    This many well be the case FP, however if these atrocious acts didn’t happen within the UK why are they targeting it?

  9. I make no distinction between a muslim killer/terrorist in Israel and a muslim killer/terrorist in England or anywhere else for that matter they are bound by their Islamic teachings.
  10. Fundamentally you are of course correct Armourer, but the situation dictates that the targeting of the UK has to be viewed differently.

    Palestinian suicide bombers are fighting for a totally different set of ideals, as you are well aware. There is a land issue and a view of oppression.

    Until we see a statement claiming responsibility and that statement has been validated and authenticated we are not in the possession of the answer to why these bombers targets the UK all we can do is speculate.

  11. I think the point is that it is human to feel empathy. The argument is over whether the people who are "oppressors" or "oppressed" are indeed that description. Far too many people are too narrow minded or just plain stupid to accept that there's amiddle ground in any dispute.

    So if we have a political impasse where a group of people think that they are being denied their basic human rights what should they do? It's all very sad, but human nature I'm afraid.

  12. There's no making of excuses in there - just a suggestion of a cause and an effect. I don't find what they do acceptable either. At risk of going off subject, what's a terrorist, what's freedom and what's democracy for that matter? Because these are all questions that need to be asked in a world where the media, inextricable from the establishment on the higher level, distorts the message for its own ends
  13. I do hope that people here aren't in effect saying it's OK for muslim bombers to kill innocent Israeli men, women and children but not british innocent men, women and children.


    You said "where a group of people think that they are being denied their basic human rights "....what human rights had the 4 British muslim bombers had denied ?
  14. It was you who made the UK connection. I was not referring to the UK when I said 'reasons can be political also' but to Iraq.
  15. It's a different situation Armourer. Show me a comparative of the political situation and the legal sanctions we in the UK are impossing on Muslims within that would justify these acts.

    I'd like to see a lot of the questions being asked answered. You can't make sweeping statements and not justify them. FP please qualify your previous statement and address my questions. It's a discussion, discuss.