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3 Types Of Women

Ive got no standards so they would all get it.

The uptight sober behatch would obviously be tied up and her hoop violated.
Miss Uptight wouldn't look so feckin snooty with a goodly squirt of my man fat dripping off her chin onto her oh so pretty flowery necklace :twisted:
Maybe not the uptight one afterall - she looks a bit like a bloke!!!!!!!

Think "she" may be packing a bit of meat & 2 veg!!!!!!!
I'd take all 3 of them:

the drunken one ~ I'd anally fist while she lay in a coma

the tipsy one ~ well, I'd let her blow me before I shot my load in her hair

and as for the 'little princess', well she's holding a beer bottle which means she's used to putting hard things in her mouth so she won't put up much of a struggle when I slide Harry between her teeth. BTW Harry is my Mk IV Webley

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