3 Tier mess system

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jackass, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Well, newly promoted grownup i was shocked to see the groups and meetings of the different ranks in the club. The Badge doesn't acknowledge the pigs and chickens at the bottom and even the staffies get swepped by the wayside as the SSM's fight amongst who is going to chat the badge up. Anyone else felt like its not what the crusty old SNCOs' discribed it?
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Then again what is?
  3. I always chuckle to myself watching the various RD types desperately try to tongue the badge !
  4. Really there are only 2 groups in the mess.

    The RSM with his sycophantic acolytes and everyone else. Bizarrely it is the former that have all the so-called Bright Ideas for the good and benefit of the mess, and the latter who temper them with comon sense theny make them work.

    Guess which group, as a FofS, I was in.
  5. Nothing new then
  6. great use of the word sycophantic!!
  7. Not just the RDs matey. A fair few supervisors getting brown for their yearly tick in the box activities. And in some cases in my opinion and quite unfortunately we seem to be going backwards creating little underground political cliques amid the vast sea of painted smiles and career laughs. The question is to join them or not?
  8. An interesting question - if the Badge, as he should, has the ear of the CO then do you dare to not 'play the game' and come SJAR time pay the price for it ? Or think sod it, I'll lick his arrse because I want a better pension ?

    Moral courage I suppose but then, moral courage has never paid the mortgage :D

    Of course, this all depends on the standard of RSM that you have.
  9. Dont think its any different in civvy street either, been to plenty of civil service do's when I worked for them and you always got the careerists sucking up to the boss. I gave up going in the end.
  10. You could always do what I did, and not play the game.....and leave as a Staffy :D
  11. Agreed. But it shouldn’t be like that, Civi Street is fuelled by money so it is understandable. Maybe I'm being to glazy eyed and nostalgic but there was that time when people stood by you or told you to your face to fcuk off. I believe that time is now gone. If you don't play the game, tow the party line and get the tie or whatever you want to call it no matter how good you are then your fcuked. And people know this.
  12. We do have a real problem in the Signals though. Our RSMs are failed tradesmen who have no supervisory training. They have a very small domain, and an incredibly short time, in which to establish a reputation and engender respect from the CO. The mess is their only train set. Their commissioning rates are the lowest of all, and even then they normally get the shittiest jobs; MTO, UWO, QM etc.

    In the infantry, upon which our regimental model is still based, the RSM is the best soldier in the unit and everyone knows it and respects him. He probably has the most experience and certainly has a proper operational role. (He is the FofS, YofS and Supervisor all in one package) Ours on the other hand meet none of these criteria and are reduced to licking up to the CO and Adjt, for which they need a large cast of support lickers below them.

    Having said all that I have met one or 2 good ones over my many years, but they are unfortunately outnumbered by the knobs.

  13. I don't lick arrse, I find it has diminshing returns..... You can spend 364 days kissing the Badge's (or anyone else) arrse, and then get pipped at the post by a last minute good deed that pushes you in to the "middle third".

    Yes, I might not get promoted beyond my current level of greatness, but I find it relaxing out of the rat race.

    I like the idea of supervisory training for the RDs, on a par with the Fore/Yeomen, and the RSM should be the BEST soldier in the Regiment.... not tradesman, but Soldier.
  14. What I find amusing, are those bellends who turn up at mess meetings with their WO1 badge tie pins on. Fcuking strokers. Why not wear uniform instead, just so EVERYONE knows what rank you are?!!!!!! This was in Blandford though, so what did I expect?

    Rant over.
  15. Baggy - bugger me if I was not having this very same conversation with someone at work last week.
    My look at is, an RSM fm an Inf Bn understands the wpn systems employed by the Bn; a RSM fm an artillery regt understands the wpns systems the Regt can bring to bear; an RE RSM understand Cbt Engineering, a R SIGNALS RSM understands next to nothing about ICS deployed by the soldiers in a signal regt...why?
    I have had 'disagreements' with pers over this when the answer back when questioned was 'I don't give a f&ck' I am RD and don't need to know or care about it!' When faced with a total lack of coherent argument such as that you cannot even begin to reason about why they should know, if only so the soldiers in the Regt can again see them as the senior soldier within that Regt.

    ....and don't start me on DE officers who have one or two buzz words, throw them into the conversation to try and appear to understand modern ICS, the number of DE officers who in the past 3 – 4 years have mentioned Ptarmigan and Clansman to me – I f*cking despair!