3 Single lasses trying to find Mr Right

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Mr Right Hook possibly
  2. Aaarggh! The milk just curdled in my brew, that last one was surely a lady-boy in a cheap bar!
  3. I'd get them all pregnant. Doesn't matter how infertile they are!

    "Bend over love... whoops you pregnant!"
  4. I thought that as well, surely, having a cock is the main reason she can't get pregnant.
  5. Nothing there beer goggles cant fix now, is there fellas? :wink:
  6. Crikey, that first one looks like Michael Jackson in drag.

    (It's not, is it?)
  7. Jeez, that's one shed load of stella you'd have to sup!
  8. I'd rather enjoy some self-love.
  9. :omfg:

    The bird advertised on the right who 'beat teenage arthritis' would get it though:


    I wonder if she fancies a trip back there for a few minutes? She does need to sort those teeth out though, they look like she's been cleaning them with a file.
  10. First two yes, last one no.

    As for that teenage arthritis one - possibly if wankered, but the teeth remind me of the kid out of "Deliverance", so prob not.

  11. A few gentle taps with a toffee hammer would sort them out,and she would be so grateful to you for doing it
  12. Thats given me horrible nightmares now.
  13. Gentlemen, gentlemen... you are talking about the ladyboy I love... have some decorum for pitys sake!
  14. third one looks a bit German!? :?