3 Seater Sofa

I've got a large 3 seater sofa for sale. Just under a year old, half leather. Re-movable cushions.

Won't fit in the new house.

Collect only.

£650 ono


Stick it on fleabay, you'll have to reduce the price £650 for a second hand sofa - you're having a laugh.
Unfortunately DFS don’t have a sale that often so cheap sofas are quite hard to come by. :roll:
Which half is leather, and whats the other half made of?
Come on now, be honest you're not moving are you? It's only for sale because it's a monstrosity.

Is the £500 what you are paying for someone to take it off your hands?


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Did you take Stevie Wonder shopping with you when you bought that ?


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£500.00 for a cum soaked sofa. Eeeerrrrr no thanks.

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