3 scottish soldiers

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ordinaryforces, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. I live over in NI and today found myself driving past the area where this atrocity took place,
    It got me thinking..is it really over 40 yrs ago?
    I remember the awful atmosphere in camp as the news filtered through and the disbelief in it all.
    the worst part is nobody was done for it. three lads caught in a honeytrap what a waste.
    whist working in the maze there was a nasty bastard who was always suspected as having a part in it but never proved...gladly he's carked it now.
    I post this thread for remembrance....RIP lads.
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  2. RIP Lads

    I remember it well. I was a 15 year old Junior Soldier at the time. IIRC 2 of the victims were related to one of the A company lads.
  3. They were RHF and I think were brothers.
  4. That they were I remember seeing a documentry or something about it years back.
  5. two brothers and a cousin was it not?
  6. 10th march 1971, Ligoniel, North Belfast.
    Dougal McCughey 23
    brothers, Joseph (18 ) and John (17) McCaig. All RHF.
  7. Not the same incdent, but I recall visiting my Grandparents when I was a nipper and Sgt Michael Muldoon RADC was getting buried the day we were there. When we eventually moved to that town, I looked his grave up, it was in a right state so I cleaned it up. Every time I go to visit my now deceased Grandparents, I still attend to his grave, although it's been a few years since I last went to the Graveyard, should really make time next visit to Northumberland.
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  8. I was still in Nappies when this happened i have seen the footage of the RHF carrying out an arrest op a few days later wish i had a link to it now clearly the jocks on the ground were not in the mood to go gentle.
  9. If my memory is not too addled, their example was used at Ballykinler for training, amongst others. In the mid 80s.
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  10. Yep this was mentioned in security breifs right up to and after the end of op Banner.
  11. Were this the incident where they were lured back to a "party" or somesuch?
  12. Yeah - a honeytrap.
  13. yes it happened a few times in the early seventies, the robins nest in lisburn had a few attempts tried there. the three jocks had a few drinks that day.but why wouldn't they? they were young men with a bit of time off.
  14. The killing of the three Scottish lads happened shortly after (within weeks ) the first British soldier had been shot by the IRA, so at the time I'd imagine there wasn't the percieved threat that there was in later years.

  15. I was serving at the time and until that incident we were just riot control and police backup,
    then it became "**** this! this is getting serious" type of thing.