3 Scots moving from the fort?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Wanna be jock, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Cant really put much behind it but, I heard that 3 scots blackwatch might be moving from fort george. Anybody know anything about it or have any ideas if they moved, were they would go?
  2. Only rumour at the moment, but unlikely a move will happen. Last I heard was Pirbright but don't think so somehow, the Highlanders are rumoured to be getting Lossiemouth when they leave Germany but again we shall see!
  3. Latest rumours I heard from muckers in 3Scots was a move to (near) Dundee (forget the base situated there). Heard the Lossiemouth rumour for us Highlanders as well.
  4. Rumour control suggest 3SCOTS will move to Arbroath.
    Sad day when the Fort closes as a military base.
  5. A sad day for the inhabitants of Ardersier, Busterdog.

    Without a battalion stranded on the banks of the Moray Firth how would any of their daughters spend their evenings with a platoon of Jocks in the hope of winning a new life among the bright lights of Edinburgh or... err... Fallingbostel?
  6. their main concern is that without a battalion there how else will they widen the already shallow gene pool
  7. More likely to be Kinloss, as Lossie is not sure if it's closing yet! I think there will be an announcement in late July. I think the MoD are selling Fort George to the National Trust or Historic Scotland.There is also a rumour that one of the armoured regts is coming to the north east of Scotland(from Germany). However I think this is just a rumour as where would they train! Anyway this is the rumour service, so crack on!