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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Tiresias, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi All

    I'm hoping to glean a little information on 3 SCOTS if anyone is able to help.

    I start RMAS in May and am 'dead set' on the infantry. Within this, the Black Watch appeal and I'm in the process of applying to the RRS.

    I am hoping to go on a FAM visit, but unfortunately work commitments may not permit this prior to RMAS.

    So if anyone might be able to advise, it'd be massively appreciated:

    - What is life like in Inverness? I gather they are to move soon, will this be in the next few years? Do people tend to stay in the mess at w/e s,or go elsewhere back to family etc...

    - Being an older regiment, is there a lot of tradition and ceremony in day to day life?

    -Will being English, not particularly wealthy and a border line tee totaler hinder assimilating into the mess / regiment (really selling myself here!)?

    - Finally, is there much cross fertilisation between the different Bns of RRS? I've heard some Bns may still consider themselves as having a distinct / seperate identity withing RRS.

    Apologies for the bone questions and I hope they haven't caused any offence. I thought ARRSE would be a good environment to ask such questions.


  2. The SCOTS will choose which Bn you go to based on need. Being English will not hinder you, nor will finance or sobriety. If you get on with the people in the mess and impress the interviewing senior offier you will be fine. The same goes for all the other Regiments in the Infantry. Some are more fashionable and/or competitive than others, but there will be one where you feel comforatble, so see lots. As has been said in this forum many times before - you cannot go on too many fam visits before Sandhurst.
  3. Royal Scots, which week in basic is the Heroin taking course?
  4. Call up Major Gerry Akhurst at the HQ at Edinburgh Castle - lovely bloke and will immerse you in the process and keep you in the loop, so take any following 'answers' with a pinch of salt and ask him. However, as to the identity, the regiments are inherently competitive but not one individual within them would say that the 'merger' to form the Royal Regiment was a bad move as operationally it has modernised them and increased their standing in the infantry (putting them on a size 'par' with the Rifles). From my understanding, 3 Scots are well known for their liveliness and really tight bond within the mess, partly due to the degree of geographical isolation (compared, lets say to 1 and 2 SCOTS). Fort George is a beautiful, if isolated, place to work itself, but yes, during the 2020 review the Jocks are being moved towards a new base at Kirknewton (West of Edinburgh) with any overflow locating to Glencourse (slightly further South but also West of Edinburgh and currently containing 2 SCOTS among others). This means Dreghorn will be rolled up (containing 1 SCOTS) - HOWEVER, I remember reading that it was stated in 2010 that they would not vacate Fort George (so if anyone can iron out their stance on this it'd be useful).

    Caveat: I by no means claim to be an authority - I just recently went through a few meetings with the SCOTS and was given an excellent overview by Maj. Akhurst, so he is the man to ask.
  5. Well that could be a problem as the plan for Kirknewton has been scrapped and Glencorse (note spelling) is overflowing and there is speculation about expanding it if the land could be bought and planning permission gained. However there is still the question of who will ocuupy Leuchars with the joys of Scumdee just down the road.
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  6. Black Watch? Who are they? I only know of 3 SCOTS, and best you do the same ;)

    Inverness is a shit hole as a city, but if you are into outdoor pursuits, then its a great place to be based.

    Fort George is a stunning place, but being out on the peninsula, it can be a good few degrees colder than the surrounding area and when the wind blows, my god does it blow.

    As for being English...you won't be the only one, as I was not either.

    I have heard, but cannot confirm, that because of 4 SCOTS just being down the road at Kinloss, the ranges and trainig areas up at Fort George are overstretched so training has been reduced (cannot confirm, just a rumour in the Association)
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  7. 4 SCOTS are actually slightly further down the road in Fallingbostel in Germany.
  8. I suspect the timescale for pulling 4 SCOTS back will be 2015-2017 as with the other German based regiments and divisions. Not entirely sure what will happen with 5 SCOTS time wise - the plan is to fold them down into a single company named 'Balaclava' company for a ceremonial role, so I imagine they'll move away from Canterbury north of the border to operate at Edinburgh/Balmoral in due course, in a similar guise to the way F company Scots Guard operate in London.

    P.s. Paymaster - my mistake on the spelling of Glencorse, very poor on my part.
  9. Still have Black Watch in their title, same as the other Bn's do with their former names, otherwise, why bother making up the Royal Scots borderers for 1 SCOTS?

    Anyway. Fort George is a fantastic place to work and live in my opinion, although be prepared to have your own transport or pay a fortune in taxi fares. Being English, you will also not be visiting family much as travelling won't make it that worthwhile. As for being tee-total, that will change!!

    The traditions of the Bn, if the same as when they were a regt in their own right are very important as they are with anyone. Some things are done differently, but a I don't think you could find better group of people to work and live with. I may be slightly biased though.
  10. Ha Ha, the anticedent names are not used as often, Bns are referred to by 1-5 SCOTS, last i heard were 3 going to Kinloss and 4 going to Catterick or Tidworth but who knows there will be a new Govt by then !!. but choose wisely as your first regt is alwats what you will judge the rest on.
  11. It's only really 'the Watch' that use their antecedent name, much to the annoyance of the rest of the Regiment.......it will be interesting to see what they do with their new rank slides.

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  12. Nope. The only people that still use BW, The Highlanders etc are the SNP, News Reporters and the RRS Pipes and Drums ;)

    The names of the former regiments have officially been removed from all correspondence, RRS website, etc etc. I bet you cannot find any reference to the Black Watch etc on the MOD except for historical references.
  13. Black Watch on watch aboard HMS Montrose | Royal Navy

    Granted, from a few months back and Navy. But MoD none the less. Haha.

    Anyway, matters not to me, I was 1st Bn never RRS. Doesn't concern me what they call themselves.
  14. Pah...Royal Navy "News"..lol

    Truth be known, does not bother me either.. ;) Once a Gordon aye a Gordon, even if they try and call me a Highlander ;)