3 Scots (Black Watch)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by merlin162, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Having seen hordes of the boys from 3 Scots in Tesco tonight, and if all of us Infantry in Scotland are now one happy unified family, then why are 3 Scots still running round wearing the old BW Stable belt and the BW Tartan rank slide?
  2. So they can still retain a unit identity.
  3. Sixty

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    Same reason that more than a few pioneers still have the Pioneer Corps flash sewn inside the underside of the collar of their 95 shirt?

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  4. Its the Watch Merlin dont forget they are posted to the highlands to keep the unruly northerners under contol. Plus the fact they like to remind us all of their golden thread.
  5. Clype!
  6. It's only because they are not up to the standard, required to wear the Argyll pattern tartan. :wink:

    Retreats awaiting jovial banter :)
  7. I think that the clue's in the question. :D
  8. Because their chain of command is weak?
  9. Lets not forget who suggested the new name the merger and the golden thread

    Not that am saying they are a bunch of moaners over their red vulture that they received as a battle honour which they used instead of a cap badge.

    Why did they not wear their old capbadge :? :? :? :? :?
  10. maybe nobodys told them????
  11. ACF still have them merlin...the lads i saw on Telic...With Tiger and the lads were the same as us....otherwise there would be hell to pay!

    Never saw any 3 Jocks with the old kit on their Razz man would never let this happen...they up in the Fort Yet?
  12. Not under Dress Regs of RRS they can't ! :?

    All the Regts got something in the meltin pot....We lost the badge they got the tartan...

    Think there is more to this.....
  13. Is it a scottish thing......like because there too tight to shell out hard cash on new kit?

    Johnny :D
  14. Well these were all boys from 3 Scots including an RP and not one was wearing the 4A Tartan belt and 2 were in the old BW belt and BW rank slides.

    We all retained a certain amount of individual identity on amalgamation with the retention of the individual Regimental Hackles, although the Argylls and KOSB had their Hackles created for them!!!

    But why are the Watch wearing the old kit? Not following the corporate RRS image?
  15. "cough"Calcutta Cup!"cough" :D