3 Royal Anglian

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by fluffer, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Anyone here in the reg?
  2. Are you thinking of joining? I started back in march, which company you going for?
  3. I'm considering joining, but not in yet.
  4. Just go for it! :wink: training is a ton of fun and the people are great too
  5. Must've changed over the last 25 years, then. I turned up for a Drill Night, having recently transferred in, and was told by the caretaker that they'd gone to Germany on Camp!

    Then transferred out, only to be told that I'd already been struck off strength. 6 years medal entitlement (a bar) down the Swannee - and this in a year when I had 120 days in!.

    To be fair, though, if you live local (I didn't), then it'll be as good as anywhere. It's just that I bear a grudge. Ferkin Angle Irons.....
  6. You love us realy
  7. Ccoy and yeah ive just passed my medical
  8. Good lad! best Company in the Battalion, I've just done RT2 so i might see you at some point in leicester, I have to go up there to winge about pay. :wink:
  9. Im going to be bias here but I'll try and be honest.

    Like any unit we have our problems, be it pay, kit or vehicles, this is however army-wide and you'll find similar problems in most other units, having said that I believe we're a great battalion.

    We're well recruited, well trained, have strong links with our regular counterparts and have a huge amount of operational experience floating around within the battalions ranks.

    You'll have to make your own mind up but I believe you'll draw a similar conclusion.

    Any questions feel free to ask.
  10. Hi, first post so be gentle ;)

    I'm also planning on joining C Coy in Northampton and have a few (hopefully not too stupid) questions if I may...

    I'm working on my fitness at the moment as I haven't really been very active in the last few years and don't think I would pass the fitness tests yet from what i've read so far in other threads. Do I need to have this sorted before officially showing an interest and contacting the recruiting staff, or do I get a period of grace before needing to pass the tests?

    How active is C Coy? Are there opportunities to train most weekends or is it definately a once a month thing?

    Many thanks in advance!
  11. If you were in 3 Royal Anglian 25 years ago then you must be referring to the Regular battalion. I must admit that I didn't see my tour in Minden in the '80's as 'gone to Germany on Camp'! :D
  12. I myself am not a member of C Coy so I cannot comment on their company weekends, however the battalion regularly gets together on battalion level weekends where all companies are in attendance.

    As for fitness. There are two tests you will have to pass in order to pass phase 1, these are:

    1) PFT (Personal Fitness Test)
    2) CFT (Combat Fitness Test)

    As a new recruit you are not expected to pass these tests on you initial selection day (Recruit Selection Day), there are however times put in place to show the staff you will not have a heart-attack and die when they start running you around training areas.

    The Pass marks for the PFT are as follows:

    1) 2mins of pressups - minimum of 45 (I'm not sure of the exact number but 50 guarantees a pass).
    2) 2mins of situps - minimum of 50
    3) 1.5 mile run - 10:30mins (if you're over 30 then you get 11:00mins)

    Having said that, on your RSD you can achieve a maximum of 12:00mins time on your 1.5 mile run but any longer and you face being deffered for 6 months until you can achieve this (this is the saftey time I spoke of).

    This (As far as I'm aware) is the only real time you really need to worry about as the rest you can work on yourself and the PTI's on the recruit training weekends will also "encourage" your fitness along.

    The CFT pass is:

    8 miles carrying 55lbs (25kgs) of kit in 2 hours.

    You won't do this on your RSD only during your recruit training weekends.

    As long as by the end of your last weekend of phase 1 you can reach the required target then you will be presented your beret and will train with the rest of your company whilst you await you phase 2 (2 weeks CIC with the regular army).

    I think my facts are current but I welcome anyone who can correct me.

    I hope I have helped.
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  13. That's great, many thanks. I really appreciate the patience with newbies like me as well!

    Unfortunately i'm well off the pass mark for timings at the moment but for the last fortnight i've been getting up at 5 every other morning to go for a run so fingers crossed i'll see you at a battalion weekend in the not too distant future!
  14. Yes mate, good luck with your training.
  15. Definitely the best infantry regiment within the Army, currently serving with 3 royal anglian - looking to eventually get transferred into 1st batt (the vikings) i would say to anyone thinking about joining to go for it, i'm only TA at the moment but I have learn't and experienced a lot.