3 Royal Anglian

I am thinking about joining 3 RA, has anyone got any info on the stuff they do and what to expect ?
And do you think it is a good move ?
I looked at the RLC on a recruiting weekend but was not really won over by what i was shown.
Thanks alot
Iv'e seen them march like the 'cubs' on remembrance parade in Bury St Edmunds if that's any help, even my wife asked who they were, as the boys brigade were marching better!


Didn't realise 3 Royal Anglian (The Pompadours if I remember correctly) were now TA 8O

Did a 6 month UN tour in Cyprus with them in the early 80's and they were absolutely one of the best units I have served with :D

They have a lot of history behind them & when I was attached to them they did things the way they should be done 8)

Go for it :)
The Pompadours of whom I was previously a member were an option for change and disbanded. The new Battalion has not the same affiliations as the old regular battalion and are not called the Pompadours.
Thanks for your comments, i spoke to a couple of guys i know who are ind 2 R Anglian and they all said positive things so looks like im off for it.
Crow Beast

Take a look here and if you are up for it I will see you in 10 weeks time.


As someone said its 3 R Anglian not RA that upsets us we are not Arty!

TA infantry - the best life if you are up for a challenge and fancy seeing some sights in hot places. We have soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and working with both Regular Bns - its not obligatory that you go but its a reality we all live with.

If you fancy a challenge - Fill your boots shag - don't know until you try - just drop into your local TAC on the the website!


P.S If we wanted to do drill we would all be in the Guards instead of a quality country regiment :)
Baz44 said:
As someone said its 3 R Anglian not RA that upsets us we are not Arty!
Quite right to be upset, you can always aspire.... ;)

Nice 1 BAZ44, i am going to my local det on wednesday.All the people i talk to about it have good things to say.
What is happening in 10 weeks time ?
We had a lot of 3 R ANGLIAN bods with us on Op HERRICK 6 last year, they were all good blokes by all accounts. What part of the country are in C_B?
No mate. I haven't a clue which Company covers which area/county, you'll have to enlighten me I'm afraid.
Thats better C_B! Anyway good luck and I hope that you go through with it.

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