3 Royal Anglian or 7 Rifles

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DB_Cooper, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Guys I'm looking at transferring to either 3 Royal Anglian Bury saint Edmund's or 7 Rifles in Milton Keynes just wondering if anyone could give me advice, ie is there a good turn out, whats the level of training etc, I don't want it to turn into a slagging match i know they are both good units.


  2. The nearest one always. As in territorial.
  3. Which one do you live closest to ?
    Surely that would answer your question ?
    But if travelling isn't an issue I would say 7 Rifles...
  4. A while ago admittedly but I was in the HQ Companies of both 7 Royal Anglian (Leicester) & later 5 LI (Shrewsbury) due to moving with my job.

    Both were part of 49 Inf Bde so we met up quite a lot and you could compare. Anglians not only marched properly they had consistently better PSIs and better overall training

    Anglians every time
  5. Really!!
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  6. After 6 years as an Anglian I could never get it at 5 LI, even after spending some time at Winchester supporting a recruit cadre where they took me into the drill sessions.

    I was like L/Cpl Jones, always a drill movement behind.
  7. defiantly go for the Steelbacks
  8. Given 7 Rifles have no connection with either Regiment you mention, your advice is as much use as me spouting on about Operational issues.
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  9. Take it you march funny?

    7 RAng were superseded eventually by 3
    LI and RGJ = Rifles

    TA Anglians were always good Battalions with consistently good PSIs. See no reason why they would not be now. LI were not as good and RGJ I knew were more bothered about beret shapes than soldiering. Standard of Winchester based training was not as good as Bassingbourn IMHO