3 Royal Anglian - E Coy


Just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with E Coy Royal Anglians in Chelmsford?

I've been outside for 6 years almost and fancy giving the TA a crack as I'm missing it all a bit. 3 Royal Anglian are my local regiment.

I was curious to find out if they're a decent bunch of lads and how they're thought of.

Lastly - I'm 30. Reasonable age to do an infantry course or am I going to be surrounded by young lads whilst I'm blowing out of my hoop?!

Cheers in advance.

I'm currently applying to the same unit. From the 15 minutes I spent there the other evening trying to sort out paperwork, they all seemed like nice blokes. Also the gate is a bit dodgy (though that might just be me being a idiot).

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