3 Royal Anglian back on the Order of Battle

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Baz44, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. OK so 3 Royal Angian as a Bn is to be re created from the TA Royal Anglian Battalions of old (OK via the EER).
    Good news or bad?
    Now the tough question should the nick name be 'The Pompadours' as per the old Bn nickname or 'Steelbacks' as per the old 5th Bn nikname?
    Give me your thoughts guys

  2. All the Fours!

    My vote's for the Pompadours.

  3. Well asking around seems there is a split most SNCO's and below from the old Bn seem to think the old name should live on ie The Pompadours. However there are those of the very senior officer fraternity who seem to think its a bad idea - so I guess the jury is still out on that one - or are they out of touch?

  4. Pompadours makes sense as it's neither the nicknames of the tw previous TA Bns.

    You'd also have the honour of celebrating Salamanca day.

    The 1st Bn have the Essex connection in their title but I'm sure they wouldn't begrudge the nickname. Thank Christ the unloved East of England title didn't last long.
  5. Right up the Old red Rooster!
  6. I think you will find the Steelbacks was really a Northamptonshire nickname. I think to resurrect the old nickname would be a good thing especially for those in the Essex, Beds & Herts area. However I'm not sure how will it go down with the pointy heads. ie the Norfolk and Suffolk mafia.
  7. Purple thingy - it would go right down nd keep on going. Pompadours is the senior title and should be pre-eminent!

    All the 4's
  8. The Norfolk company could call themselves the "Holy Boys" after their old nickname (apparemtly having Brittania on their colours during the Penninsula war made the Spanish think they were a holy order of the catholic church and had Mary on their flag!)
  9. Pompadours gets my vote..................those were the days!
  10. What about the Steeladours? :wink:

    Or maybe try to be original and come up with a new one - like the "Beenshaftedbutbackinthefolders" or "Buttfuckedbutnotbendinganymoregang" or my favourite "TheMasseyMassive"!
  11. BAZ44,

    does the 44 in your nickname give away your partisan leanings in this debate?

    I think we should be told!
  12. Having read my previous post and then looked at my own nickname I think pot and kettle springs to mind!
  13. It's like the Mafia but without the smart suits..........

    baz44, Purple signaller etc

    Do you have the Salamanca Eagle stitched inside your Mess Kit Jackets?
  14. The Essex company should have the right to call themselves Pompadours (as they do already) but i think it a bit bad taste to call the whole Bn it.

    Will the new Bn all wear the same flash or continue to wear different company one's ? Why cant each company have their own nickname.
  15. When you got purple in your blood it never goes away :)
    Actually it has always been my favourit colour for some reason everything I own seems to be purple! drives the Mrs nuts.
    Personally (and trying real hard not to be bias - Ok damn it I will) I agree it should be Pompadours but reckon political correctness will probably out in the end. Its still a TA Bn and Steelbacks was the last serving TA Bn nickname as the other TA Bn's at the time did not have one.
    I think those at the Regimental Council never released the name as it was felt when the Army expanded the 3rd Bn would once again rise from the ashes and the Eagle reborn. It has, however not sure they invisaged it would be a TA Bn and thus - they ain't going to let it go! fact that as far as I am aware the Royal Anglians of the EER has a very high proportion of regular service now through Op Telic tours seems to weigh little in defence - cest la vive